Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle coming from London. He is in auto and tells pelu to stop 3 times. He gets down and asks will you drive in London? Pelu smiles. Uncle says what is this reaction and do something else. Uncle gives the fare. There in bedroom anita starts a song and goes to bed and wakes up vibhu. They both start dancing and romancing on song ek mai aur ek tu. Uncle is down and he listens the song and says wow vibhu is romancing and I am missing my days and lets see I will go and see them. Uncle takes stairs and and climbs through the balcony. He sees vibhu and anita and is shocked and says this vibhu is dancing with that enemy girl and where is his wife? Uncle is angryhe gets in balcony. He goes in and stops in front of vibhu. Vibhu thinks its anita and kisses uncle. Anita sees and stops song and vibhu sees its uncle. Vibhu says what is this and why are you here? Uncle says why are you romancing and dancing with this girl? Anita says no its not that and he was teaching me dance. Uncle says vibhu you are not a dancer and how come are you teaching her? Anita says he knows dance. Uncle says okay you know dance but does someone teach at night? Anita says there is no time for art and we can learn art anytime. Uncle says shut up and tells where is anguri? Anita says she has gone to learn English from Tiwari. Uncle says what will that uneducated teach her and vibhu your English is better. Vibhu says yes but my English is very hifi and anguri needs to learn the basic English so she went there. Uncle says come on there and lets go see that Tiwari.
Uncle vibhu and anita are outside tiwaris house. Uncle rings bell he gets shock and says why didn’t you repair it? anita smiles. Tiwari comes and says come in bhabhiji. Uncle says why did you call her Bhabhi? Tiwari wears spectacles and sees uncle and says what are you doing? Tiwari says sometimes I call her Bhabhi. Uncle says call your sister anguri now. Tiwari calls anguri and she screams. Uncle says why did you scream after looking at me? Anguri says nothing. Uncle says come home right now and you can learn English but anita cant learn dance from vibhu from now. Anita says why? And I give him fees. Vibhu says yes I get fees and that is how I survive. Uncle say s don’t worry you are nephew of crorepati uncle. Uncle goes with anguri and vibhu. Anita and Tiwari go, Tiwari goes to make coffee.
At tea stall, uncle is there. He says that he thinks there is some problem and they are hiding something. Uncle is sitting when tika and malkhan come. Tika says vibhu is such a useless man and anita gave him money to pay the electricity bill but he instead spent it in gambling. Malkhan says yes I know he doesn’t earn and does such bad things. Uncle says what did you just say? Tika and malkhan look at each other and then say what we said anguri gave him money. Uncle says no you said anita. tika says we said anguri and you must have heard it anita. uncle says don’t fool me and I will beat you I heard it right you said anita. tika says oh okay and I get it now actually we call anguri as anita and anita as anguri so that is why. Uncle says what? Tika and malkhan get up and go singing. Uncle tells them to stop, happu comes. Happu says so how are vibhu and anita after meeting you? Uncle says what? Happu says nothing I will just come, uncle says wait. Happu goes in a hurry. Saxena comes and says so when did you come? Uncle says I came yesterday night and then asks what is the relation between anita and vibhu. Saxena says they are husband and wife. Uncle says and Tiwari and anguri? Saxena says they too are husband and wife. Uncle is shocked. Saxena says I like it.
At home vibhu is there and uncle comes and vibhu says its his fast. Uncle says what fast and since when did you start doing all this? Vibhu says I do it from start. Anguri comes and says do you want anything? Uncle says no. anguri goes. Vibhu is sitting and uncle falls asleep. Vibhu goes and tells anguri go now as he is sleeping and tell anita to come. Anguri goes.
There at night as anguri vibhu Tiwari and anita are there, Tiwari says this uncle has destroyed my life and he comes anytime. Anita says this uncle comes anytime he wants and creates a havoc in our life and if this goes on I wont be able to live and I will leave this house and town. Tiwari says oh no don’t do that. Vibhu says shut up and let me think and he never gives us any money and just keeps coming around. Anita says yes if he knows we are married then he wont give anything. Uncle comes and says I already know you are married to vibhu and anguri and Tiwari are married and you fooled me till now. Anita screams.

Precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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