Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to boys while they are pooping, vibhu says to them i told you so many times not to poop in open. Boys says so we go to your home, then vibhu says is my house public toilet. So the boys asks vibhu to rectify the public toilet, Vibhu says that he will ask his friend to do something abhout the public toilet, Boys says thankyou to Vibhu,
Vibhu says to boys that he brought a marriage proposal for the boys and explains them this proposal is for only one and you have to decide that who will be the lucky one. Tika says bhaiya choose me for me its very important, Tillu says more then tika its important to me, Malkan says its more important to me then you two, Tillu says we are too excited for that. Tika asks about the girls complextion, Vibhy says that she has a dark chocolate complextion and the tika gets excited after hearing that, Malkan gets confused and asks how is that possible, Tillu gets excited and says to malkan that Aishwarya Rai once had that kind of colour in one of her movie. Malkan asks vibhu what the girls do, Vibhu says she eats whole day and tied up to a log. The boys gets confused and ask vibhu why is she tied to log. Then Vibhu says to boys let me come straight to the point that i got a proposal of buffalo for you. The boys got shocked after hearing that and curse vibhu, Tika says are you mad or what am i gonna get married to a buffalo, Tillu says do we look like animal if we are not getting married it doesn’t mean that we will get married to a buffalo. Malkan asks vibhu toh get lost from there. Vibhu gives offer to boys the person who will get married to that buffalo will get dowry on 1 lakh rs, the boys says will not do for 3 lakhs also, Vibhu gives offer of 5 lakhs after hearing that boys gets excited. Vibhu says are you shocked. Then tillu asks weather they can get 10lakhs. Vibhu agrees to their offer. The boys gets happy and Malkan asks vibhu who will get married to buffalo. Vibhu syas swam var will happen with you boys and the buffalo will decide who she chooses for and asks boys to stop eating beans and leaves

s*xana bathing buffalo, Angoore in the garden Vibhu walks to Angoore and greets her, Vibhu asks Angoore why is she so upset. Angoore thinks if i teel vibhu about marrying Tiwari to a buffalo he will make fun of him and Angoore says to vibhu nothing all good. Vibhu scolds s*xana and askis him what is he doing to Reshma. s*xana says Reshmais my sister and i won’t trouble her. Vibhu asks s*xana why did buffalo called him moron so the s*xana says that i asked Reshma how is vibhuyi bhaiya so she replys moron. Angoore asks about the buffalo then vibhu says she’s my uncle’s buffalo and tells Angoore that its mine responsibility to get her married. Uncle joins them and says to Vibhu that call yourself her guardian you are his brother. Vibhu says that he is sorry and he takes his word back, Uncle says its okay and if you do that same mistake again ill charge you fine if 10 crore. Vibhu says this mistake won’t happen again. s*xana says that Reshmais my sister too if he does that mistake again I won’t spare him. Vibhu says forget this idiot. Uncle says s*xana is Reshma’s nanny as she has the habit of having a nanny. s*xana says that he is certified nanny so uncle hired me. Uncle asks vibhu if you got the milk come inside and make some coffee and asks s*xana toh clean her very neatly. s*xana says no worries. Angoore gets happy to see buffalo and praise god for that.

Uncle asks Vibhu and Anu about thr candidates, Vibhucalls boy’sin, Anu praises them and says introduce yourself to Uncle and Reshma. Boys introduce themself. Uncle asks them to show Ramp walk, Boys ask meaning, Anu explains them.

Malkhan shows his walk to Uncle, Tilu and Teeka follow,Teekas pant slips during his walk, Uncle says it was hideous, Uncle says Reshma will decide, Vibhu asks questions to boys, Uncle asks about their living, Anu says they are hard working boys they will keep her very happy, Boys say we haven’t been in bank since long time so we dont know balance, and we will do whatever Reshma wants to beer alcohol chicken anything she wants, Uncle scolds them says she ia vegetarian, Uncle says let Reshma answer if she likes anyone, Reshma rejects all. Uncle says leave she doesn’t like you, Boys say we need one chance we were nervous, Uncle throws them out.

Anu says Vibhu couldn’t you bring one good person, Vibhu says why will one good person marry a buffalo. Angoori excited calls Tiwari and says i found a buffalo, she is from rich family, she is Vibhus family, his sister and tells about Vibhus uncle and Reshma.
vibhu walks in, Angoori says I have proposal for Reshma, its Tiwari, Vibhu says him are you joking, Angoori says im not. Vibhu asks why but, Tiwari says Pandit Rampal, Vibhu says i got it, Vibhu says agreed but Reshma will take his interview. Tiwari says what nonsense, Angoori says don’t worry you will pass.

pre cap :.pre cap : Tiwari talks to Reshma and tells about his problem Reshma accepts Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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