Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Tiwari married Gulfamkali.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori greets Gulfamkali,Tiwari asks so are you ready,she says yes,Angoori says thanku for this favour,Tiwari says no favour she will be paid for this,tell me the amount, Gulfamkali says whatever you wish and first i will help you then will take payment,Tiwari says okay done will pay 100-500 after work,Gulfamkali says your 1 rupee will be also like lakhs for me, Angoori says i will get you tea stay here.

Vibhu having food,Anu makes him a call,Vibhu says oh god,baby whats up,Anu asks what are you doing, Vibhu says just was gonna having food,Anu says okay i shall call later and remember iim watching you,Boys and hapu walk in drunk,Vibhu says get out you drunk people,Boys say we wwont until we hit you,vibhu gets a bat and says stay away and asks what’s wrong, Hapu says you took Gulfamkali

away from us,Vibhu says shame on you, she is a human too,she has dreams too,wants husband and kids, Hapu says we are sorry you are so right,Vibhu says get out now.

Tiwari and Gulfamkalis engagement,Gupta asks why is he doing so,Vibhu says you are here for free food enjoy that then,Vibhu while addressing starts laughing and says sorry im just very happy, Tiwari says dont make fool of yourself,Vibhu says you are fool,Angoori says cmon make announcement,Vibhu says sure,as we see Gulfamkali is engaging with Tiwari and bonding into a relationship.Boys start crying after rings being exchanged, Vibhu and Angoori perform.

Angoori sends Tiwari in bedroom for his first night,Gulfamkali says come honey,Tiwari says im very nervous ,Angoori says calm down and spend a good night, Angoori says take care and don’t be tensed im leaving and don’t do anything just go to sleep.Tiwari says okay, Angoori closes the door and leaves.

Angoori comes back and says dont be scared and sleep well and i will keep visiting good night,and leaves.Pelu plays romantic songs on his radio, Gulfamkali pulls Tiwaris robe. Angoori says to Vibhu iim scared leaving them alone, Vibhu says she is too fast but don’t worry Tiwari loves sleep,Angoori says good he must have slept,Vibhu says oh no if you remeber he uses too much hands thinking you aside,Angoori blushes and leavez.

Daddy comes there,Vibhu says you are so late where were you, Daddy asks what,Vibhu says Tiwari just got wedded and is upstairs in his room with his new wife for their first night.Gulfamkali asks Tiwari why is he so tensed, Tiwari says this situation ,why i have to face this,Gulfamkali says im here i will do all good, Tiwari says do a thing you sleep on bed i shall sleep down,Gulfamkali says no way.

A lizard falls on their bed and both hug eachother scared daddy walks in and says how dare you,you fooled my innocent child and starts whacking him.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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