Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari wishes to be father.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu waiting for Angoori to arrive in balcony to dry the wet clothes, Angoori comes and greets Vibhu and begins with her chores, Vibhu keeps starring at her,vibhu says wow beautiful,prem walks to him and says not for long once she will be a mother this won’t remain, im going Delhi coming, Vibhu gets upset and asks him to leave, Angoori asks what happened why get upset over him, Vibhu says he is saying Taj Mahal will loose its charm what you think, Angoori says never,
Vibhu says you are right, Angoori leaves. Tiwari on-call invites Agarwal for dinner and asks for bigger amount order. Saxena calls Tiwari papa,and is dressed as kid, Tiwari asks what drama is this, go trouble vibhu. Gupta asks why scold him, he is an innocent kid, he isnt Saxena anymore but a five year kid, im

a father i know his pain you aren’t a father so you won’t understand.

Gupta gives him lollipop and leaves, Tiwari says doctor is right, im not a father yet and looks at saxena and hugs him and pampers him, Tiwari gets saxena home, and calls Angoori, Angoori sees saxena, he calls her mummy, Vibhu sees the drama, Angoori asks whats wrong with him, Tiwari says he is not Saxena anymore but a 5 year old kid now and even i want to be a father too, Angoori blushes, Saxena says yess i will have sibling now, Vibhu walks in and asks what nonsense is this, its difficult to raise a kid, Tiwari says not for us you are unemployed,its our problem we will solve it, vibhu says what if he throws you out if house, Angoori says quite what are you syaibg,Saxena says this uncle is bad throw him out of the house, Tiwari says okay abd pushes him out of the house.

Tiwari prays to God to bless him with a girl, Angoori walks to him and says you smelling good, Tiwari says you too, and lets not waste time, i want to be a father, Angoori says how can i deny, Vibhu jumps in throw window and scares them, Vibhuti says im sorry but Anu is out and i can’t sleep alone, can i sleep with you down stairs. Tiwari says what nonsense is this,Vibhu says i love you, Angoori says he is our neighbour and needs help, Tiwari says okay come let’s go.

Tiwari and Vibhi sleeping downstairs, Vibhu apologies for disturbing, but why is he so upset, even he rushes into bedroom, Tiwari says i do when the matter is serious’, door is knocked Tiwari opens the door, Saxena says i cant sleep without you papa can i, Tiwari takes him inside, Saxena sleeps on Tiwari’s laps.

Boys at tea stall, Teeka says lovely weather, Malkan says hill stations are best these days,Tilu says lets go,how about Nainital, Teeka says how about some money, Hapu walks to them, and asks whats the matter how so quite, teeka says will you solve, Hapu says if i can i will, tilu says we havent visited hill station and dont have money to go ,malkan says can you arrange money for that, Hapu says shall i say something, i have a big heart and i love you,malkan says money, Hapu says if i send you Bangkok, Teeka says stop fooling us ,Hapu says i will pay you 1 lakh each but in return you have to go for sterilization, malkan says what nonsense is this why will we do that,and why go bangkok then.

Hapu says have you ever seen good food luxury hotels alcohol, 1 lakh, have you seen, malkan says never, hapu says i will give you, but sterilization, tilu says but what will be the use then.Hapu says s*x is not everything thing of other things, upgrade yourself, luxuries think of that too, so will you, boys start thinking, Hapu thinks just do it and then will give yiu nothing.


Pre cap: Vibhu asks Angoori not to eat bitter guard

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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