Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti ends his drama

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu knocks Tiwaris door, Tiwari asks whats wrong why are you here so late is everything fine, Vibhu says nothing is fine, my mother is kidnapped and they have demanded 10 Cr, you give me 1 cr so they will not harm her for now, Tiwari says I am asking 2 Cr for you, Vibhu says I will give you 3 Cr, my money is coming from South Africa, Tiwari says I don’t have money and closes the door.
Vibhu in his bedroom, gets call from Anu, Anu asks was he sleeping, or fooling around, Vibhu says I was in washroom, Anu asks whats wrong why do you sound so irritated, Vibhu thinks I should not tell her, and says I’m good, Anu asks how is mummy, Vibhu says she is fine and in safe hands, and my phone battery is low will call tomorrow good night.
David asks Vibhu when will he manage money, Vibhu says its not easy, David says loan or borrow from somewhere, Vibhu says look at me, all call me unemployed, you do something. Teeka and Malkan walk in disguised say we are kidnappers and here to take money, Vibhu says look we are very poor and have no money, Teeka asks what about 110 Cr, Vibhu says It was all an act to take revenge from this society, Tiwari walks in with Angoori and Helan, Tiwari says I got your mother by paying 110 cr to kidnapper, Vibhu says you are a liar, Angoori says it was not good to lie, Helan says she is right what if I would really be kidnapped, Vibhu says I’m sorry, I will never behave this way again and give relations more important then money. David gets call from London to inform that he is going to win case, Vibhu says sit down I’m getting you tea.
Vibhu waiting for Angoori and trying to spot her through his binoculars, Vibhu gets a call from Anu, Anu says you don’t miss me, Vibhu says I miss you so much, Anu says you couldn’t call then, Vibhu says I was about to call, and why you always do this, Anu says you were going to call me at 9 and its 11, Vibhu says oh is it, Anu says I have always asked you to put on wall clock but you never do it, Vibhu says I was about to but couldn’t find hammer, Anu says enough Vibhu why do you always give excuses, Vibhu says I do all the work, all household but you are never happy.
Angoori makes spaghetti for Tiwari, he tastes it and says its very bad and says don’t try these foreign cuisines, you cook Indian so well so don’t fall into all these, Angoori gets call from Amaji, she asks is Tiwari near by and if yes put phone on speaker, Amaji says yesterday night Pandit Ramphal came and said you will have baby in your house, and we have bet on that.
Angoori starts blushing, Tiwari looks at Angoori, Angoori says don’t see like this, Tiwari says congratulations you will be a mommy soon, and do a thing soak some dates in milk for tonight go, Angoori leaves. Tiwari gets call from Anu, Anu says if you are free, I need a favour, I want a wall clock in our house, the one we had fell because of loose nail I told and I told Vibhu, Tiwari says why did you tell Vibhu, he is so hopeless, he is good for nothing, Anu says behave yourself he is my husband, Tiwari says I meant he does nothing for you, I will do this work of yours, Anu says thank you.
Tiwari going to Mishra house, Saxena comes in between crying like a baby, Tiwari asks whats wrong with you, Gupta says he is a baby now, he hit his head on wall and is now a kid, an innocent 5 year kid, Tiwari says any cure, Gupta says someone has to donate 11000 to Hanuman temple, Tiwari says no thank you, Saxena asks Tiwari to come play with him, he denies and leaves.

Pre cap; Vibhu drops his hammer and it falls on Tiwaris head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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