Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari and happu sitting at gulfam kali’s program. Happu says so Tiwari you came here and we will enjoy a lot. Tiwari says I did not come here and vibhu asked for a bachelor party. Happu says bachelor party? Tiwari says yes actually the rishi who got us married came and told anguri and me that he actually had said the funeral mantras and not marriage mantras so we both were not married at all. Happu says oh that is why you are a bachelor and don’t worry we will enjoy this night a lot. Tiwari says yes but where is vibhu? He made this plan and his phone is also switched off. Gulfam kali comes. Happu says gulfam today do such a song that tiwari’s spirits are lifted. Gulfam says yes.
At home anguri and anita are discussing about the dresses they will wear for the rituals and marriage. Vibhu says anguri should wear a green saree. Anita says why are you interfering? We both friends are talking, you go and suggest Tiwari ji. Vibhu says I came just now and gave him a suggestion. Anita says then go home and wash utensils, vibhu says I already did all this work. Anguri says let it be, let him sit here. Vibhu says I will watch news on tv and not disturb you. anita says that is better. Vibhu starts tv and puts on news. There gulfam klai is dancing on an item song and happu singh gets up and removes his jacket and dances with gulfam kali, Tiwari also gets up and dances with her. Suddenly tika and malkhan come with camera and mic. They also dance and suddenly tika starts his camera and malkhan says look at these men and they claim to be the most innocent people in Kanpur but they are dancing with gulfam kali. What is this? Look at these men. At home anita anguri and vibhu watch the news as planned by vibhu. Anita says oh my god. I did not expect Tiwari to be this man and he has become characterless. Anguri is shocked and angry and says he has become spoilt and he does this all at night everyday. I never expected this. Vibhu says you both are over reacting. Anguri says you shut up, don’t support him. Anguri says I don’t want to marry such a man. Anita says that is right, do that.
At night anita talks to meenal and says Tiwari did this before marriage, what will anguri do and now vibhu has gone to bring him. Vibhu comes with Tiwari and sits. Anita says vibhu why did you bring him at our house? Vibhu says its okay anita. Tiwari says Bhabhi ji I did not do that on purpose and it was a bachelor party that vibhu… vibhu interrupts and says I told him not to give bachelor party at gulfam’s house but he did not listen. Tiwari says what? You are lying.
At night anguri is looking at tiwari’s photo and crying and says why did you do that? anguri cries and is sad. Vibhu comes near window and says Bhabhi ji don’t cry. Anguri comes and says why have you come now? Vibhu says you are crying here for that man who doesn’t even care for you and is enjoying with another woman there. Just forget him. Anguri says you are right and I will stay bachelor for life but not marry him otherwise I will live with mom. Vibhu says why? You can live with us Bhabhi ji and it wont be a problem at all. Anguri says okay if you both say so. Anguri says good night and goes to sleep. Vibhu says bye and goes.
Next day at home anguri is there and Tiwari comes. Tiwari says listen anguri. Anguri says I don’t want to listen to you and you go away from here. Tiwrai says what you saw is not true and vibhu trapped me into his plan and he himself went somewhere else. He was there with me for the bachelor party and he said he would come in some time. Anguri says why do you blame on him now? He is innocent and a nice man. Tiwari says innocent? Anguris ays yes he was sitting with us and watching the news. Tiwari says what? He is such a cunning man and he planned everything. anguri says no you are lying you get lost from here and I will never marry you. Tiwari is sad and he gets and goes walking out.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and tika gets news they have another report. Tika says they will be there. Happu comes and is suspended. He says tika and malkhan why did you do this? You yesterday did this sting operation. Tika says leave us and we know you are suspended. Happu says so what? I will beat you. happu is angry and beats tika. Malkhan records everything on camera. Tika and malkhan say we have the footage and we will now remove you from your post only. Happu says please I am sorry don’t do it I was angry. Tika and malkhan go, happ goes behind them.
There Tiwari comes out of house then turns back and tells anguri that listen anguri, I swear on you what I am saying is the truth, rest you do what you want. Tiwari turns to go. Anguri gets sad and understands Tiwari is saying truth, she stops him and says I believe you because you would never lie on my swear. Vibhu sees this hiding and says Tiwari see tonight, this time anguri wont believe you.

Precap: vibhu tells tika and malkhan that he has another sting operation for tonight at the tea stall. Tika and malkhan say since they have listened to him, their news ratings have gone high and they will listen to him only from now. At tea stall at night vibhu and pelu are playing cards gambling and happu and Tiwari come. Happu is in uniform and says this is a crime to publicly play cards. Vibhu gives cards to Tiwari and says I will come after a pee just play for me. Vibhu runs away. At home anguri anita and vibhu watch news where tika and malkhan catch happu and tiwrai playing cards.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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