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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari goes to girls hostel and says i should trespass,. everyone partying at Mishras, meenal says anurag performed some experiments and some gas leaked and we turned romantic, vibhu and Meenal start arguing again.Meenal says sloely the whole staff approaching me,how i saved nyself, Vibhuti says Prem tell us your story, vibhu says Prem got guide to copy, but hide in his underwear and Pankaj sir caught him.

Tiwari trespasses Meenal says tell us vibhus story when he was caught and hit badly during holi,vibhu says that wasnt me, Anu says so vibhu was like just attracted to me and me and Meenal were buying colours, vibhu came there on bike and threw some dialogue on me,and me and meenal ran away, and later Vibhu came all covered in colour and i didnt recognise him and so shouted and he

got beaten by my parents.

Meenal says Vinod say something,Vinod says Anu it was me who was beaten not me, Vibhu says see you never believe me, vinod says actually thing one of my friends vibha.vibhu gets alert.

Tiwari gets in room no 13, music starts playing, and says why did someone send me here, vibhas ghost there. Vinod says vibha had condition, one who had condition colour anu would get a party, anu says that wasnt done, Meenal asks where was vibhu then, vibhu says tyre puncture, vinod says i did that because you once had been rude to me very rude. Meenal says forget the past Anu c’mon sing a song,anu says im not used too, vibhu says cmon be a sport, anu sings song and Vibhuti gets restless.

Angoori opens the door and sees tiwari all tired with shoulders down, angoori asks you came early,In mirror it shows ghost on shoulders of tiwari,tiwari says someone fooled me that room was all stinky and old and since then my shoulders seem heavy and paining.

Anu and Vibhu say it was fun seeing old friends,vinod hasn’t changed,Anu says he was starring me all night,vibhu says i shall break his legs,anu says and that vibha she died in hostel right,vibhu says forget the past,anu says police couldn’t solve the case, Vibhuti gets upset.

Tiwari gets into his room and has sever pain in his back, he feels his mouth being moved and is standing in window, vibha starts singing song,vibhu thinks tiwari is singing and starts yelling, vibhu closes the door and gets in, vibhu says he is a pain, anu says he was just singing wasnt abusing right,cmon.vibhu says you think im mad, and goes to bed.

Angoori goes to Tiwari he gets scared, Angoori says let me give you massage, you will feel better, Angoiru starts massaging vibha gets on Angooris back and she has back ache, Tiwari says i feel better, Angoori says i don’t

Tiwari next morning again feels heavy on back, boys passing by ask what’s happening, and make fun of Tiwari, Angoori walks to them and tells boys he has back pain,teeka says may be that ghost from room no 13 got on his back.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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