Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update Baba ashikanand

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu says soon I will see two ghost because I’m going kill two people and starts hitting tikka and Malkhan,happu takes the money back and says I will go and count this money and if I find even a single note missing I won’t spare you and leaves.

Anu scolding Tiwari and says I shouldnt have trusted prem,Tiwari says Prems friend gave you 10 but other judges,anu says shut up it was my fault I choose you as my partner and are you monkey to jump on stage,Tiwari says I actually,anu says I was so damn insulted,Tiwari says I will take revenge and in next competition,anu says don’t you dare think of it I will never be your partner again,we were hit by tomatoes,Tiwari says and onions,anu says I don’t believe you,you got this onion,Tiwari thinks it’s a sign of memory,anu says I wish my vibhu was with me,tiwari says don’t do this to me and starts crying.

Anu says today I know my vibhu is much more responsible than you are I miss my vibhu.

Vibhu is brought again to Tiwari house,Saxena says you rest we will be back,vibhu asks where to wait,tilu says you will have to bear all the next alone and leaves,vibhu says Bhabhi are you there,what are you gonna do,angoori says I’m here and will do this to you and shows him knife,vibhu says oh you cooking make me faluda one with fruits,angoori says I can’t see your pain and I’m dying of guilt and so I’m gonna finish you,vibhu says don’t do this we have a chemistry together and one sided intimacy and we are friends too,angoori says shut up and I’m coming,vibhu gets up and runs.

Tilu and Saxena stop him and says look Bhabhi ma cures you,angoori says how could I kill you,I can never do this to Anita,I got this idea from a bhojpuri film,vibhu says I’m sorry I thought this,and bhabhiji I’m coming and will touch your feet and ask for forgiveness and bends down to touch her feet and gets stuck again,angoori says not again.saxena and tilu take him home on stretcher.

Tikka tilu and Malkhan at tea stall,vibhu joins them and asks what nonsense are you three upto,tilu says you always ask us such question,what productive are you upto and what gentleman are you that you ask us such question,boys start laughing and says don’t insult that word,Vibhu slaps them,tilu says is this not nonsense,vibhu says this is to bring you on line,Tiwari comes there laughing,vibhu says what are you looking at,Tiwari shows it to boys and they start laughing too,Malkhan asks whose pic is that,Tiwari points at vibhu,vibhu pulls the mobile and look at the pic and asks where did you find this from,Tiwari says in the competition of most useless man,Tiwari says first he use to roam without clothes and now without culture.

Vibhu thinks I will take revenge of this and you will roam without clothes.angoori hall,a Baba enters,angoori asks who are you,he says I’m Baba ashikanand,angoori says oh please take a seat,and give me blessings,Baba says stay beautiful stay hot,and if you want blessings I will ask baby do you love me you have to say yes I love you and wink at me,angoori says ok I will,Baba asks baby do you love me,angoori winks and says I love you,Baba says if you perform this with your neighbour 5 times a day you will have my blessings,angoori says you mean Vibhuti.

Baba says oh he stays here,he is my favourite student and has my blessings ,angoori says what blessings he roams jobless all day,Baba says that was his wish he wanted to chill all day,angoori says ok please give me and my husband blessings too,Baba says your husband Manmohan Tiwari,laddu ke bhaiya right,angoori says oh you know everything,Baba says okay there is one thing his business may be in problem and he may die to there is problem,angoori says oh god is there any solution,Baba says yes he has to roam naked for two days.

Baba says ok do you love me,angoori winks and says yes I love you,Baba says okay Baby I’m going but just once again say it,angoori says Babaji I love you.

Pre cap: angoori says okay I will do whatever needed,vibhu says you have to donate all his clothes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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