Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti and his past flashes.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boys dressed as women visit girls hostel,Teeka says kets get in quickly, Malkan says im scared,teeka says just put your burka and lets get in,Hapu stops them and asks where are you going,boys say hostel, Hapu asks do you stay here,teeka asks why do you want to visit us, Hapu says i haven’t seen you before what are your names,they say titli,tili,milki. Hapu says nice names,Teeka says these names are given by boys from our colony, and i have to say you are very handsome,can we feel it once, Hapu says im on duty please go in.

boys enter the hostel, teeka says lets go out or else we would be in trouble, few girls ask them who they are and who they visiting, teeka says you are very beautiful,they discussing about rooms,girls say one room is empty room 13 dont dare enter its Haunted,

we hear songs and also heard theres evil ghost there.Girls leave,tilu says i have an idea,they hear song get scared and run away.

Anu says Vibhu i had asked you to mend the latch,Vibhu says i have fixed it thrice what do you do with it, Meenal and anurag walk in.Vibhu makes fun of anurag,meenal insults vibhu and calls him unemployed,vibhu says please he is here because of me i have shown him papers during examination, Meenal and vibhu get in argument.Anu says stop it you two, Meenal he is kid but you aren’t, Meenal says by what angle you find him kid give him a lolipop, vibhu says better give it to Anurag.

Anu says enough tell me Meenal why are you here, Meenal says we College friends have organised a reunion party, Anu says great idea,who all are invited, Meenal says you and your parcel, Vibhuti says im sorry i have no interest in you. meenal says us prem vinod,vibhu says i wont come of vinod is coming.meenal says anu you decide venue because five star hotels won’t be economical for you,Anu says your place, Meenal says its under renovation how about yours,Vibhu says i wont cook,Meenal says i shall get drink you manage food.

Tiwari has a visitor from Gupta under garments, Tiwari welcomes him, Tiwari says i have heard a lot about you how about business some time,he says sure 10 lakhs order,Tiwari says great give me a weeks notice,he says deal 8 lakhs advance and 2 lakhs after order complete, Tiwari says deal give me,he says my daughter will pay that take money from my daughter room 13, tonight. Tiwari says at night how will i,he says tomorrow she will leave for America, trespass and get money its also a test for your garments go, Tiwari says its risky,he says deal cancel, tiwari says no no i shall go.

Vibhuti visits angoori,angoori says making tea having headache. Vibhu says heres have some biscuits too. Angoori asks what else, Vibhu says havent heard from you how about a song, Angoori says sure and sings song which make Vibhuti have past memory flashes, Vibhu says bhabhi ji stop it,Angoori asks why, Vibhu says ut reminds me of my past,Angoori says i never get you,Vibhu says thats good.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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