Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti tells anguri tat his vocal cords have dried so asks her to bring water and vibhuti tells manmohan that even when u will sing ur vocal cord may also dry and comes anguri and gives water to vibhuti and asks manmohan to stop arguing with vibhuti and then vibhuti after drinking water hits saxena and wakes him up and then he starts singing the same sister brother song and then he again hits saxena and he faints again and then vibhuti says tat todays class is done and then anguri and manmohan also go in and then vibhuti says to saxena that next time he has to sing dil to pagal hai and he says ok and asks him to sing song and he sings the same song as he is missing his sister and goes

Next day anguri knocks anitas door and asks her where is ustad and she asks who ustad anguri tells tat vibhuti is manmohans ustad he teaches him singing anita asks her is she sure tat vibhuti teaches singing she says yes and she came to ask tat y didn’t he come to teach today and anita lies tat vibhuti is taking bath and she will tell him her message and then anita closes the door and calls vibhuti he comes and she asks him tat y was anguri saying this and then vibhuti lies tat he heard tat manmohan and anguri where searching for a singer to teach singing and were ready to pay 1000rs so 15 lessons will get 15000 rs and he has no proper job to earn money and so he said them tat he is a good singer and will teach them and he hired saxena as he has good voice and he used to sing and I used to just do lip movement and anita asks u r telling truth and vibhuti says yes and so he has not gone to teach them as he is now feeling guilty and then vibhuti says I will go right now and tell them truth and anita stops him and tells him this may broke their heart and she gives and idea tat he should go to teach talk for a while about singing with them and ashe will come with snacks and after eating samosas u r throat will get soar and u tell them u wont be able to sing and he agrees and says anita u r very talented and says I love u.

Manmohan is seen practicing singing and anguri gives him a kadha(liquid) to drink he drinks and says tat it tastes bitter and comes in vibhuti he sits and starts lessons and is always seeing towards gate manmohan asks where are u seeing and asks him to not create a scene outside like the other day and vibhuti tells tat singing should be from ones heart and then comes in anita she brings snacks (smaosa in plate for vibhuti and says tat he forgot to have them and then vibhuti eats them and asks anita y r these samosas tasing bitter and and she tastes it and says tat by mistake she put baking powder instead of salt and then vibhuti says tat he wont sing here after and then anguri also says to anita wat did she do and vibhuti cries tat he will never sing and tries to sing but cant and manmohan gets happy tat now he cant teach him singing lessons and then comes in saxena and says tat he will teach as he is the student of vibhuti and sings the brother sister song and manmohan and anguri are shocked to hear him and both of them say tat he sings exactly like vibhuti

Next day anguri is praying god that she should get manmohan as her husband always and then comes ladu and he gives anguri a greeting card and wishes her happy birthday she then thanks him and ladu asks her tat haven’t bhaiya wished u yet and she says no and then he says that he will remind him and anguri tells tat he should not she wants to see if he remembers and ladu asks where is he and she tells tat he has gone for jogging and ladu says tat if he forgets then he will scold him and comes in manmohan and asks who will u scold he looks at him and leaves while anguri asks manmohan does he remember wat is todays date and he says y is she asking and asks her to go and see calendar and then anguri says tat today is 16 th march and asks wat is ttodays special and he says tat today is the day he remembers tat today in news paper his undergarments advertisement is going to be published and opens the news paper and shows it to her and then asks her to go in kitchen and prepare food and she sings the nday song and manmohan stops her she think may be he remember and he then asks y is she singing this song and she says tat she is singing just like tat and then she leaves and manmohan talks to self tat anguri has gone mad she is singing like its her bday to day.

Anguri then goes to anitas house and sees tat she is meditating and goes and sit in front of her and anita gets shocked to see anguri as she opens her eyes and then she asks anguri how comes she is here and then anguri asks her was she doing medicine cation and anita corrects her tat its meditation and then asks how is she and anguri says tat she is upset today as its her birthday today and naita hugs her and wishes her and says u should be happy today and y r u sad and anguri tells tat manmohan has forgot her birthday and asks anita does vibhuti also foget ur bday and anita says every time he forgets her bday and anguri asks so how do u make he remind and anita tells tat she tells him directly tat today is my birthday exactly at that time manmohan enters her house but when near door he hears tat and thinks tat today is anitas bday and leaves to plan something and bumps with vibhuti and vibhuti asks him to see and walk manmohan too asks him to see and walk and then vibhuti says wat kind of man u r ging to every ones house and manmohan says even I can say u this same line and manmohan says tat today is a special day and vibhuti says wat is soo special today and manmohan understands tat vibhuti has forgot anitas bday and he leaves and vibhuti too leaves

Anita tells vibhuti tat today is anguris birthday and vibhuti gets very excited and anita tell him tat manmohan has forgot his birthday and vibhuti gets excited and she asks vibhuti y is he getting so excited and then he says tat manmohan is stupid how he forget and then anita says tat u all men are same and leaves.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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