Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angoori becomes Charlie Chaplin

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

AAmaji calls Angoori and asks her to dress like Charlie Chaplin and Tiwari should like women,Angoori says i will but how will he,Amaji says okay if he doesn’t listen just call me,Angoori says okay.

commissioners wife in purple saree in Jakarti waiting for him and gives him a call, Commissioner answers call,he is with Hapu to see Shaila but says im with Minister in meeting.Comissioner says hapu wives i tell you, Hapu says this is why i found Shaila and look there she is in purple saree, Commissioner says go meet her,Hapu goes and hugs her and sees Commissioner wife and both shout,she slaps Hapu and says i will suspend you and leaves.

Tiwari walks into bedroom and sees charlie Chaplin and asks who are you, Angoori says darling its me,Tiwari says Angoori wwhats wrong with

you, Angoori says go dress like women or else I shall whack you,Tiwari tries to resist but gives up. Hapu meets boys and says the moment i call Shaila press this button,and then we will follow these signals and reach her. Shaila gets a call and says hello,Hapu says hi darling how are you,Shaila say beautiful as always,Hapu and boys start following the signal,and reach the station and see Vibhuti and Prem and catch them red handed.

Boys say you fooled us this is not done,we are in debts now,Hapu says you are under arrest, Prem says Hapu please come with me. Tiwari dressed in salwar kameez walks to Angoori, and acts like a woman,Angoori flirts with him and says now dance for me,Tiwari says i won’t,Angoori says i will whack you if you deny me of anything,Tiwari starts dancing,

Vibhu says Anu cmon forget work and look at me,Anu says theres nothing interesting iim seeing you past 9yrs,Vibhu says Anu i lost you won,i surrender,Anu says look iits not like you have no contribution its just you get into competitions and show off with me,Vibhu says i ppromsie won’t,Anu says but in romance you can.

Tiwari crying at tea stall,Vibhu asks what did Angoori do last night,Tiwari says she last night made me wear women clothes and made me dance,Vibhu says oh my god this is so unfair,Angoori comes there dancing in Charlie Chaplin dress,Vibhu says enough bhabhi you are a innocent women why you want to be a man,cmon okay i understood you tried of him,so you took this decision because of this insufficient man but now tell me how can i become women for you,Tiwari says why will you,i will and both start arguing, Amaji comes and slaps them both and ask why trouble her,Angoori says they thinking thinking im turning to man,Amaji says forget them pandit Ramphal is very happy and this has successfully worked, Tiwari and Vibhu get upset and curse Pandit Rampal. Amaji slaps them.

Pre cap : Angoori says to Tiwari if you want to see me happy marry again.Tiwari and Gulfamkalis engagement.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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