Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update Angoori and Tiwari reach Chaundera.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu missing Angoori, he sees her at the door and says bhabhiji and follows her, Angoori walks singing a depressive love song,teeka wakes up coughing, Malkan and tilu ask whats wrong, teeka says i guess mosquito entered my mouth i need water, tilu says go to kitchen have it, teeka says actually im a little scared,please come with me to kitchen, that watchman had scared me, Malkan says pandit had warned us too, teeka says cmon its new place and also we are paid, its natural come with me malkan, malkan says Tilu you come too, teeka says you will be alone here when we go,tilu says im coming.

Vibhu following Angoori,and asks why arent you listening, he taps her and she turns to snake, vibhu gets scared. boys in search of water see a painting and get scared, Teeka says this painting winks, tilu says changes direction too,boys get scared,gulabia walks to them and ask whats wrong and says your scared faces so funny,boys tell her about painting, gulabia says it’s my Father he keeps doing this to keep eye in guests who try to have bad eyes on me,baba asks what are you doing here so late, malkan says we need water,she says go there have some water,boys thank and leave,baba says gulabia careful i find these boys suspicious.

Angoori packing for Chandera, Tiwari says we will go after 2-3 days, Angoori says im bored here lets go, Tiwari asks what about tickets,Angoori says dont worry Saxena is getting it, Saxena walks in with tickets, Tiwari says theres no one to handle the shop, Saxena says if you keep shop closed 2-3 days that wont affect but if you don’t go with her i shall whack you, Hapu walks in and says great done with packing you go ahead we will follow you, Tiwari says i will join you guys later. Saxena inform angoori and Hapu about his new research on twi faced snakes.

Boys working on painting, Vibhu scolds them and asks them to focus and if they don’t complete in time he shall pay them in time, boys argue with vibhu, Vibhu gets call from tiwari that they have left,vibhu thinks but i saw bhabhi here last night and says you are lying let me speak to bhabhi, angoori says hi. vibhu says if she is with him who was with me last night.

Vibhu gives boys waiter uniform says now think this is a hotel and you are waiters,malkan says where did this come from,vibhu says extra work, malkan asks so we will be paid extra, vibhu says not at all, malkan says we will leave then,vibhu says sure you can because i will pay you only at the end of 12 days and you will have to do whatever i say.

Angoori and Tiwari reach Venue, baba goes to get Tiwari and Angoori,Angoori sits in cart and says i love this place and you too remember what amaji said.Tiwari asks baba what is his name, he says chaurasia,baba starts scaring angoori and tiwari says yesterday a horse here was bitten by snake and the cart fell in valleys this place is bad, angoori asks why stay here then,baba says call me at your place then where will i stay, baba asks why are they here,Angoori says picnic,Baba says are you fool didnt you find any other place, anyways you will have fun.

pre cap: Angoori wakes up and calls Vibhu to see him and takes him to woods and says i love you and turns to snake.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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