Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari at the balcony and he has constipation and has drank 8 cups of ta by now. Tiwari says what do I do? And my stomach is not getting clan since so many days. Tiwari stands in different positions so that he gets motion. Anita in balcony comes and says what are you doing? Tiwari says I am doing yoga. Anita says who does yoga like this? Tiwari says actually a baba dhanulal told me that yoga can be done like this too. Anita says bring that dhanulal to me and I will beat him and he taught you wrong. Anita then sees the cups of tea and says you drank so much tea? And doing yoga? That is not good for health. Anguriu comes with another cup and Tiwari says slowly that go. Anguri says take this. Anita says why so many cups of tea? Anguri says actually Tiwari has constipation since he was a kid and now since 2 3 days it has become too much so he drinks so much tea everyday to build up pressure. Anita says that’s wrong tiwari and don’t drink so much tea and go to a doctor. Anita goes in. Tiwari scolds anguri that she put all his respect down in front of anita. Tiwari sees the tea and says it has become cold and go now and make another one. Anguri says okay and goes.
Vibhu comes in kitchen where anguri is making tea and says whats up bhabhiji? Anguri says nothing I am malking tea since morning. Vibhu says so much tea? Why? Anguri says because Tiwari is not getting motion. Vibhu says what? Anguri says yes and since morning he drank 9 cups of tea. Vibhu thinks this is the right time to teach Tiwari a lesson. Vibhu tells anguri that should he give her a solution? Anguri says yes of course and she needs one. Vibhu says put 4 spoons of chili powder in the tea and the constipation will go. Anguri says what? But why chili powder? Vibhu says because once it goes in the stomach it will create havoc and all the exits will open and tiwari’s stomach will be clean, vibhu says believe me because I always use this solution when my stomach si not clean. Anguri says okay, vibhu goes. Anguri puts 4 spoons of chili powder and take sthe tea to Tiwari.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and vibhu comes. Malkhan says see this tika’s stomach is not cleaned since morning. Vibhu says why am I hearing such type of news since morning? And even that Tiwari has constipation. Tiwari comes shouting vibhu!! And sits and says what did you tell anguri? And she put chili powder and why did you do this? Vibhu says I do this solution when I have such problem. Tiwari says then why didn’t it happen with me? Vibhu says in which position do you sit? Tiwari says in the western. Vibhu says then sit in indian position and we are Indians. Vibhu tells Tiwari come on try now, Tiwari sits on the bench as vibhu says and tells spread your legs more, tiwari’s pyjama tears a bit, vibhu tells bring legs near. Tika and malkhan laugh and say go and sit on the railway tracks and spread your legs there, both laugh. Tiwari gets up and slaps them and goes angry.
At anitas house anita is having breakfast and Tiwari comes and sits. Anita is eating poha and salad. Tiwari says tell vibhu and he is always teasing me about my constipation problem. Tiwari repeats the word constipation many times and anita says what is this? Cant you see I am having breakfast and how many times will you repeat it? Tiwari says sorry. Anita says I will tell vibhu. Tiwari then says oh you are eating yellow poha, anita says yes and I love it. Tiwari says even yesterday I had yellow besan kadi in the hope that something yellow will come out today morning but nothing happened. Anita coughs and says why Tiwari? And I am eating breakfast and you know that. Tiwari says sorry and says oh salads and I have heard eating salad clears the path way if there is traffic jam in your stomach and then your gutter is cleared. Anita gets angry and says Tiwari you spoilt my entire mood and go away now, Tiwari goes. Anita says my breakfast is gone now.
At kitchen anguri says no solution is working on Tiwari and says I will call mom. Anguri tells mom about Tiwari problem, mom says I know he has this since he was a kid and its your mistake and why do you always make so heavy food for him, like parathas, samosa, vada. Anguri says tiwrai tells me to make so I make. Mom says from today you will not and give him only rice and dal and then changes will happen. Anguri says okay I will do that and what else should I do as nothing else worked. Mom says then he has serious problem and then do 1 thing and today night bring him closer to you and romance with him and everything will be clear. Anguri says seriously? Mom says yes, anguri says okay I will do that.

Precap: anguri is romancing with Tiwari at night. Happu singh says once he beat a guy’s butt and next day his stomach was clear and that guy thanked him so he can do same with Tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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