Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Anguri goes missing.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says bhabhiji you speak Urdu,Anguri asks what is so shocking I speak only Urdu,Vibhu says I thought and I know you speak only bhojpuri,Anguri says I’m trained under nawab shaukad Ali,Vibhu asks who is this,I’m getting nothing, and what all is this,Anguri narrates few more Urdu poems,Vibhu stares at her shocked and says bhabhiji when did you learn all this,I have no idea,and leaves.

Tiwari walks to Anita,anita says yes take a seat what’s wrong why do you look scared,Tiwari says Anguri is so wired these days,Anita asks what did she do,Tiwari says she is behaving wired these days,anita says don’t waste my day and I’m busy,Tiwari says she is speaking Urdu,Anita asks what’s wrong in it,Tiwari says but she is uneducated how can she learn Urdu,Anita says yes you want her not to grow up,Tiwari says no I mean,Vibhu says baby he is right bhabhiji is speaking Urdu,Tiwari says and I’m vegetarian and she served me non veg kebabs,Anguri walks in and says I cooked you samosas and you ran here.

Anita says but he said you served him kebabs and speaking Urdu,Anguri says but I can’t speak Urdu and non veg no ways,I’m pure vegetarian,what are you talking,Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t you remember few hours back we spoke Urdu too,Anguri says anitaji look what is this,anita says these men are just good at underestimating us,come let me make you tea,then we shall have samosas together and leaves.
Spirit enters Anguri ,she says so what shall you have, which kebabs would you like,Vibhu and Tiwari scared,she walks in dancing.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks,Tiwari says Anguri god knows what’s wrong with her,no one trusts me not even bhabhiji,Vibhu says yes I know,and I can tell you one more incident,Tiwari says yes I heard she spoke with you in Urdu,Vibhu says no,actually last night she walked here midnight and performed,and she slapped me hard,Tiwari says did you misbehave,Vibhu says no I respect her,Anguri walks to them and has a drink,and says no kebab with drinks,no worries let’s manage with this for now ,good night and leaves.

Tikka and malkhan waiting for Tilu,Tikka says he went to make duplicate keys,Tilu walks to them and shows keys,happu hears them talk,malkhan says so robbery at Tiwari house fix now.

Anita says so Vibhu you had drinks,Vibhu says he forced me,Anita says don’t give me reasons accept it,Vibhu says yes happy,Anita asks why shall I be am I making money with this,Vibhu says baby I’m disturbed already and tells her what he saw, Anita says drink only in limit, I have to work and leaves.

Tikka malkhan Tilu at Tiwari house,Tilu says be careful,if caught we will be in jail,Anguri floating in air,Tilu opens the door,all three enter. Happu sees them and says today I shall catch you,and enters Tiwari house. Tikka asks where’s cupboard,Tilu says bedroom,all three going upstairs,happu says stop,Tilu says how did he arrive here,Tikka says he will flop our plan,happu says I arrests you for robbery, Tilu says we haven’t yet, Tiwari walks to them and sees them and asks what all is this.

Happu says this Tilu with these two was to rob you, I heard their plan,Tiwari slaps Tilu and says Anguri is always behind you and look at you Tilu says I beg of you don’t tell bhabhiji,Tiwari says I shall and runs upstairs calling Anguri. Malkhan tries to bribe happu but he slaps them.
Tiwari comes down and says Anguri is missing,all start looking for her.

Vibhu Anita Tiwari happu, tikka Tilu malkhan worried for Anguri,Amaji comes, and slaps Tiwari,and says What did you do to Anguri,Tiwari says no Amma,Vibhu says he is lying he doesn’t deserve to be with her, Aamaji says who asked you to comment shutup,Tiwari says may be my father in law took her away,he never wants her to be with me.

Amaji says no she isn’t with her father,happu says I think she is kidnapped,Amaji says why are you here then,what where you doing,a women is kidnapped and look at you,Tilu starts crying and says bhabhiji was only one who served and treated us well malkhan says yes she also gave us money in bad days,Amma says go find her,Saxena walks to them and greets Anita and asks what’s the meet about, and says Tiwari bhaiya you don’t deserve my bhabhiji ,Vibhu says well said,Anita says enough saxenaji we are already tensed,Saxena says I saw bhabhi ma she was on train top,train to chnadangad.

Pre cap : Anita says I think there’s some connection in chandangad and that Payal. All at haweli.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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