Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update : Angoori and Anita learn Tiwari’s and Vibhutis deeds.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malkan dressed as woman, he puts mangalsutra on him, Malkan says i feel like your wife, Tiwari tells him what to do, Anu arrives, Tiwari starts misbehaving, Anu scolds him, Tiwari tries to snatch mangalsutra, Malkan as Kamla says i can’t give you, Anu says you cabt do this Tiwari, and scolds Tiwari, Tiwari snatches it and says i can now move ahead, and now will sell this what you think how I run my business, Anu says Kamla lets lodge a complaint, Kamla runs away. Anu says you are cheap i hate you and leaves. Saxena arrives there, Tiwari says let me tell you everything properly, Saxena says i dont need explanation and beats Tiwari.

Anu and Angoori see eachother. Anu thinks of telling Angoori, Angoori thinks of telling Anu as well. Angoori thinks of telling Anu indirectly and says one of my friends husband is unemployed abd her husband has turned into stealing from beggars, Anu says so disgusting, Angoori says i respected him a lot and liked his nature too but now i hate him. Anu asks who is he, Angoori says you know him but i cant tell, Anu says my friends husband has started misbehaving with woman and today he snatched a ladies mangalsutra, Angoori asks who is this disgusting man, Anu says he is very close to you, Angoori asks is this Vibhu, Anu says no its Tiwari, Vibhu is good man, Angoori says no he isnt that man is no one with Vibhu who is stealing from beggars.

Vibhu asks Anu to massage his head like last night, Anu says i feel like ripping your hair, Vibhu says you praised me a lot last night, Anu says dont you get food here that you are stealing from beggars, Angoori told me everything, Vibhu says the food had fungus, Anu says stop lying, you even snatched money, and why tell me, Vibhu says i admit and it was for kulfi, Anu says you are disgusting, get out. Vibhu says this is unfair, Anu says you dont talk about that leave.

Tiwari tries to cuddle, Angoori scolds him says you were my hero, but you behaved so disgustingly, Anu told me everything, i couldn’t think of this even in my nightmare, Tiwari says i admit it but, Angoori says I am calling Amaji, Tiwari tries to stop, Angoori calls Amaji and tells her, Amaji gets angry, and scolds Tiwari, Amaji says i didn’t know i gave birth to a thief and did you steal mine too, tomorrow i am busy, but i will see you. Angoori leaves the room.

Tiwari drinking, Vibhu joins him, Vibhu asks why you look happy, Tiwari says i see something good happening, Vibhu says i wish you good luck, Tiwari says you look different, Vibhu says i am on same terms as yours, Tiwari saya inform when work is done, Vibhu says who else will i tell if not you. Saxena sits there playing radio, hearing that Vibhu and Tiwari start blushing. News broadcast says Chakshu baba was a fraud and is arrested. Vibhu and Tiwari start crying. Saxena starts drinking.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Here is a novel idea for the script writers, why not have a wife swap. Vibhu to live with Angoori and Manmohan to live with Anu. Then the sparks will fly between the two women.

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