Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update : Saxena tell truth about 10 years itch

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji with boxing gloves giving look to Tiwari. Tiwari scared and says to Angoori why did you call her. Angoori says I warned you but you didn’t listen. Ammaji asks Angoori to go outside and lock door. Angoori says okay explain him correctly. Ammaji punch Tiwari. Tiwari in pain shouts help me Angoori.

Vibhu listing song. Anu says can you please lower the volume. Vibhu says if I lower the volume then it will feel like housefly are flying inside. Anu says but there is difference between radio and loudspeaker. Vibhu says once you understand this then you will understand its not noise its music. Anu says you know what I was being polite now switch of radio. Vibhu says no. Anu says okay if battery is dead I’ll not give you money for new battery. Vibhu switch of radio and says its unfair and ask her to switch off lights I need to sleep. Anu says I’m reading, you can close your eyes for darkness. Vibhu says if you didn’t switch off lights then I’ll play my radio on loud volume. Anu challenge him to touch radio. Vibhu touches radio and act funny.
Masterji asks Gupta how’s your pain now. Gupta says I’m in bit of releaf today, I have nothing to do with fight but still I got hurt. Anu throws radio outside and it hit Gupta. Vibhu says what you did. Anu says I told you but you didn’t understood, from now on never try to harm my piece of mind. Vibhu throws lamp outside and it hit Gupta. Gupta shouts in pain and ask Masterji to take him to good doctor.
Anu shouts what you did. Vibhu says now in life you cannot disturb my sleep.

Tiwari on phone talking about his situation and how Amma is troubling her. Anu open her door. Tiwari see Anu and get’s stunned imagine dancing and singing with Anu. Pelu wakes him up when he was about to kiss his slippers. Pelu ask his slipper back. Tiwari get inside his house.

TMT sitting near tea stall. Teeka says to Tillu its not time to get selfish with just one reply of yours can change our life. Malkhan says you are right Teeka. Tillu says but what about my life. Teeka says when you go on first night after marriage you can demand for money and then run away. Teeka shouts on them and says I have some self respect. Saxena come and says I have some work for you. Malkhan says you are lucky whoever get married to you will never be widow. Saxena says this means you were talking about me. Teeka says we says you are very knowledgeable person. Malkhan says husband should be like you, whoever get married to you will be life changing opportunity for her. Saxena says thankyou and I need some help from you, do you know a lady went infront of you first she was laughing and then crying. Teeka says yes. Saxena says two more were there one was healthy and ither was having different face structure, I’m searching them and trying to make there life, I’m thinking of organising an event and give them money 60lakh each, and then ho in jungle to meditate if you find them tell me and leaves. TMT gets happy and start dancing.

Tiwari in his house. Vibhu walks to him and says I need to ask you a favor. Tiwari asks what. Vibhu says I’m angry and want to cool down so need to go out and want you to please take care of my house and Anu. Anu listen to everything standing outside door. Tiwari says I’m already in trouble. Vibhu says I need to go its important. Tiwari asks where are you going. Vibhu says why you need to know. Tiwari says if some places is available then I would also like to ho with you. Anu walks in says where are you going Vibhu. Vibhu says I’m going out and its important for me to go but I don’t understand how to talk to you by eating suger cube or having bitter gaurd seeds. Angoori walks in same Vibhuti I also don’t understand how to talk to him. Anu says that’s why your husband is planning to go out with him. Angoori ask why. Tiwari says because I don’t want something should happen in our relation. Vibhu says some here its best for our relation please let me go. Saxena come and asks where are you going. Vibhu says I’m going because of your 10year itch. Saxena says wherever you go but 10year itch will not reach you. Tiwari says what do you mean. Saxena says please forgive me I was wrong because one of me ediot staff pinch two different paper together which made all the confusion and it was not for India it was for Bangladesh and I believe you didn’t took my words seriously and no need to have full trust on someone mad. Tiwari says yes never trust any mad person. Vibhu says you did a great mistake and Vibhuti slaps Saxena.
Angoori and Anu gets together with there husband and says love you to eachother.

TMT disguised as women sitting in Saxena’s house asking eachother how they are looking. Saxena come they greets them and Teeka says to Saxena, TMT was saying that you were looking for us. Saxena says yes they were right. Tillu says you want to help us. Malkhan says you are good person want to help poor people. Saxena says you understood me right and you thought I cannot see people, one if my eye is of owl and I can see people clearly in darkness and your life is full if darkness and you are TMT and says you cannot sell me disguised as ladt now you hvae two choice first is I call police, second choice if you want me to shutup then you have to apply oil on this belt and beat me whole night. TMT says yes for second choice and Saxena closes door.

Tiwari come out of his house looking at sky try to find out moon. Angoori calls Tiwari and ask what are you looking at. Tiwari says I was looking for moon because during karwachauth looking at moon make husband and wife bond more stronger. Angoori says no need of that me and your bond is already strong, if we have love then nobody can do us apart and says look moon is out. Angoori do karwachauth ritual


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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