Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and his past

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu praises Vibhu tattoos,and says its good but its lost its shine like it had in College days,vibhu says so did my life, Anu says cmon i have lost shine,Vibhu says let me have a look, you are completely young and beautiful by which angle you think you look old,Anu says and you look young too,your smile your charm and you were mad behind just my charm right,Vibhu says yes yes,Anu says thats suspicious you had an affair right,tell me what i wore when we first met, Vibhu says that pink dress you were college bomb and i dropped in your group and snapped you away,Anu says please you were beaten.

Anu says okay tell me did you have an affair that was the question i asked,your answer wasnt convincing,vibhu says that i had affair, Anu says look you accepted, Vibhu says it was an question,and

how shall i make it convincing, Anu says swear on me, vibhu says okay and does so.

Tiwari on call yelling at Agarwal CA and manage his accounts, Angoori walks to him and asks him why is he tensed, Tiwari says we have to pay 5 lakh tensed. Angoori says oh my god,we had profit in crores,Tiwari says stop shouting,tilu walks in and says whole Kanpur knows you are a cheat, anyways i need money for my grandfathers medical issues,Tiwari says shut up and get lost,tilu says i wont till i get my salary,Angoori says give him his salary,tiwari says you dong interrupt,and throws tilu out of hoouse.

Anu reads a news that husbands past affairs are out,Vibhu says past is past, people change after marriage and each man had affair beforw marriage,Anu says even you did,Vibhu says yes, Anu asks who was that witch,Vibhu says one right in front of me,Anu says dont be cute,vibhu says its truth my all friends use to make fun of me that i just loved you,but im so proud that i married you,Anu startd singing a song and vibhu gets restless.

(Vibhuti meets a girl singing same song as Anu she hugs him,vibhu stabs her.)

Anu asks vibhu why are you restless,you shivering whats wrong,did any memory flash,Vibhu says enough i told you once i had no affair, and leaves. Boys at tea stall,Malkan says i hooked with a girl at girls hostel, Hapu walks to them and asks what’s the update, teeka makes fun of him,tilu says forget him tells us whats new, Hapu says new duty at girls hostel, that will br interesting,teeka says you are there for protection,hapu says will slap you,i know you are always wandering there if i find you there i won’t spare you.

saxena joins them,and says i will be researching on souls and ghosts now, and of you wish to see any do visit me bye.Vibhu walks to Angoori and says i got you chat, Angoori says wow thank you, Angoori says i can’t have it, i dont eat anything from outside,Vibhu says its best in town, Angoori says amaji has asked me not to have anything for anyone elses hand,Vibhu says you just hurt me,Angoori says oh no yiu are my neighbour but i dont feel like too, Vibhuti says please i insist,Amaji walks in and says why force her when she doesn’t wish too,show me what is it,and tastes the chat and says its so good get two more plates for me.

Amaji says angoori heres a tabij you have to tie in tiwaris neck he may face some influence from ghosts,tiwari walks in,amaji says you dont look happy seeing me,Angoori ties the tabij, and says this will keep you safe,Angoori and amaji leave.
Tiwari takes it out and throws it and says bhabhiji will judge me if i wear it.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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