Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari telling anita that his friend wants him to help him so can you invest some money in your grooming classes and when new notes will come you give it back to me. Anita says what? And do you think I am dumb and there is no friends sisters marriage and you are helping some friend of yours to clear his stack of black money. Tiwari says no its not that. Anita says then give me his number, Tiwari says no its okay and goes away as anita asks for number. Anita says what a man and he is helping his friend?
At tea stall Tiwari is with happu singh and says I am very happy for the decision taken by the government. Happu says so am I and I distributed sweets to my staff. Tiwari says for black money holders it is a nightmare and I am lucky as I dint have black money. Happu says as if I have? And I live somehow on a government job. Tiwari says we know you are a liar. Tika and malkhan come and are sad. Vibhu comes. Happu says what happened and you had black money? Tika says no we had white money and our relatives gave it to us but no one is taking it. vibhu says don’t be sad guys and read the news as government has taken the decision back. Tiwari and happu get up and are happy and start dancing. Tika and malkhan are happy and say finally god is with us. Vibhu sees for some time and then says sit down and I was joking. Tiwari sits down and is angry. Vibhu says just now you said you were happy. Saxena comes and says the father of notes has come and I got the 2000rupee note. Vibhu says good boy and he doesn’t have black money.
At home anita is there and vibhu is sweeping. Anguri comes and says I am in trouble. Anita says sit down and what happened? Anguri says chilli powder is over and no one is taking 500rs note and the food is almost over at home. vibhu says take small value notes from me. Anguri says there is so much problem. Anita says its okay as the government has taken decision for the greater good and we have to suffer for 2 days or 3 but all black money will be out. Anguri says that’s right but Tiwari is not understanding it and he said we cant put all black money in the bank. Vibhu laughs and says how much black money must he even be having and 500 or 5000rs? And how will he earn with an undergarment business? Anguri says he has 50 lakhs in cash. Vibhu is totally shocked and mop falls down. Anita says what can we do and instead come at our home tonight for dinner. Anguri is hapy and says okay and goes. Vibhu says that man has 50 lakhs? Vibhu is shocked. Anita says he earns. Vibhu goes back to work.
At home Tiwari tells his uncle on phone that last month he did not have 1 lakh but now he can come and take 10 lakh rupees from him. He says he has in 500 and 1000rs notes. Uncle abuses Tiwari and keeps phone. Tiwari says what will I do with this money? Tilu comes and says you called me? Tiwari says yes my boy and sit down and how much salary do I have to give you? Tilu says you are being so sweet today? And you have to give 61,000rs. Tiwari says don’t worry I will give you 1.5lakh rs and enjoy. Tilu says what? And how did you become so kind, tilu is happy. Tiwari removes 1.5lakh in cash and keeps in front of tilu and says take it. tilu says I am not dumb and you are a fool and I wont take this 500 and 1000rs notes. Tiwari says take it please. Tilu says get lost and give it to someone else. Tilu goes. Tiwari is sad and annoyed and says I will be in deep trouble with this money.
At the bank tika and malkhan are in queue and tika says we are finally first. Tika says we should ask this man if we can exchange right here. Tika asks that can we exchange notes? Man says this is a bank and do you have pan card and an account in this bank? Tika and malkhan say yes but pan card is at home. man says then have you kept it at home to shove it in your butt? Bring it. tika tells malkhan I will bring and you stand right here. Tika goes. People push malkhan behind and he goes back in the line again.
At the garbage bin happu singh goes with his black money and is crying and says I have to throw you today in the bin and I never dreamt that I would have to throw you like this and I collected you with so much bribe but what do I do now? Suddenly police sirens are wailing. Happu throws the bag and wipes tears. Commissioner comes and says I have a plan and we are catching those who are disposing or have kept black money at home. and every garbage corner has cameras. Happu singh oh man. Commissioner says we have to wipe out all black money holders. Happu says yes. Commissioner says what were you doing here? Happu says I was finding for black money if thrown any here. Commissioner says okay continue and goes.
At home after dinner anita vibhu anguri and Tiwari sit in hall. Anita says she knows the amount of black money Tiwari is holding. Tiwari is angry and looks at anguri. Anita says why did you keep such black money at home? Tiwari says I earned that money from selling undergarments and its my hard earned money. Vibhu says give me a break and how can you earn so much? Tiwari says I take my mothers swear. Anita says leave that and go and deposit money in the bank and don’t do such mistake again.

Precap: happu singh says he has few 500 and 1000rs notes and please can she give him some change? Anita smiles and says how much is it and I can help. Happu says actually its 50 lakh rs. Anita is shocked. Vibhu tells Tiwari he knows a guy who takes old notes and gives new notes but takes a price for that and for 50 lakh he will take 15 lakh from you. Tiwari says are you mad and get lost. vibhu says okay then take your money and shove it up into your….tiwari says okay done.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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