Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita asks tiwari wat are u staring at me now u have calm down now u can go and tiwari says tat now I m feeling better and then anita asks him tat he should go to work and even she has to go to her grooming classes while tiwari says tat there is no point in going to work as once I will leave I will soon get angry and then again I have to come to u to calm myself down and so its better I will be with u all the time anita says how is this possible and then vibhuti comes with doctor and anita says tat thank god u brought doctor and then she asks the doctor to treat tiwari while tiwari says tat I don’t need doctor I am already getting treated by anita and she says now I cant treat u only doctor can treat u
Tiwari then says wat this doctor will treat me he has a fake degree and doctor says tat this very hurtful and I m getting insulted so I m not going to treat this man and the doctor leaves and anita and vibhuti try to stop him but he wont and then anita and vibhuti starts fighting and tiwari keeps staring at her constantly
Vibhuti opens the door after bell rangs and its anguri and tiwari he welcomes them and tiwari asks vibhuti to please take anguri to Switzerland as this time he could not take her due to work and vibhuti thinks is this a dream or wat and tiwari says please donnt say no and vibhuti says I need to ask anita and comes in anita and she says tat even I don’t have problem and u can take anguri to switxerland trip vibhuti gets shocked by anitas permission and then anguri says tat tiwari gave me 2lakhs for shopping and even anita says tat I will also give u 2 lakh rs and u can also shop for urself and anguri says to tiwari tat she will buy bikini and wear also and tiwari says sure and click pictures also and tiwari gives an envelope of tickets to vibhuti and he then thinks to pinch himself and check if this is a dream and it was a dream he wakes up and says it would be so much fun in Switzerland and comes in anita and then she asks wat fun are u talking about and he says tat he was thinking of Switzerland and anita says tat it might turn true as I have 2 days grooming classes in manali and then I will extend the trip so tat we could have fun there together and vibhuti for a while thinks tat how will he stay without seeing anguri for so many days and so he tell anita tat he has a vertigo problem and he gets claustrophobic and he has a fear for heights and anita then says now u were dreaming of Switzerland and then vibhuti says tatif she wants he will come with her but she wont enjoy if she travels with such ill person and then anita agrees and says ok I will go alone.
At tiwaris house ladu is siting on laptop and he shows a picture of shimla to anguri and she says its so much beautiful and ladu asks y does tiwari brother never took u on a holiday and she says even I don’t know u can ask him and tiwari comes and says wat are u teaching wrong to ur bahbhima and ladu asks tat y don’t u take bhabhi and me on a holiday and he thinks in his mind if he we go on a holiday who will see after her and ladu listens it and asks to whom u want to look and tiwari says tat I was talking about my shop and says tat I took anguri to delhi once and anguri says yes but there also u had work and then tiwari asks ladu to go out and play and comes near anguri and asks her to close eyes and then she says I wil not as ii know wat u will do and she leaves and then tiwari says she understood wat I was gonna do
Tiwari goes to meet anita and ebters her house calls her name but no one is there and suddenly some coins fell from his pocket and so he bends down to pick them up and says how many times I have told anguri to stich the pocket tat are torn and anita comes in hall talking on phone she did not noticed tiwari and on phone books a single ticket to manali the operator asks if her husband is also there and anita says no my husband is not there and I m going alone tiwari hears this and decides tat he will also go to manali and hides from anita and leaves while she is going in another room.
Anguri is seen in her kitchen she is crying tat tiwari is so bad he never takes her to holidays and there comes saxena and says bhabhi u don’t cry tiwari brother is very bad he never takes care of u and anguri says no its not like tat he does take and saxena says no he doesnot and u r like a mother to me and anguri how come I m my like ur mother and he tells tat when he was born his mother got shocked and had big eyes so whenever he sees a lady he remind of his mother and so he says tat he will take u on a world tour and anguri says tats so nice of u and comes in tiwari and he then asks saxena wat were u saying and saxena says tat ii was telling her tat u don’t take good care of her and tiwari say su go from here or iwill hit u and saxena leaves
Tiwari then tells anguri tat he has decided tat now u me and ladu are going to manali for a trip and anguri gets very happy later on their terrace anguri is forcing ladu to wear a shawl and he denies she asks him to practice now as there is very cold and says I wont let u leave the room and then ladu says tat then I wont come to trip wat is the use if I cant play in snow and then anguri says tat ok u can wear all these clothes and then go and play at the same time vibhuti comes on his terrace and he sees tat anguri is asking ladu to wear sweater and then he asks anguri wat is happening and she tells tat ladu is going to manali and vibhuti says its nice sent him to hostel and he will study there and ladu says y u want me to send there and vibhuti says I want u to study so and then ladu leaves and he says tat its good u r not going its very cold there and anguri says tat no I like it infact I m going and I m gonna have fun with tiwari there in snow and then vibhuti imagines tat anguri is wearing western clothes and dancing in snow and thena guri brings him back by asking him wat happened were u imagining manali and he says nothing and leaves anguri thnks y did he leave
Tiwari knocks anitas dorr asking for vibhuti and anita opens door and tiwari comes in and says tat actually this time I had work with vibhuti and she says tat he is not at hime and then tiwari says tat he is goin out with family so he wants vibhuti to look after his shop for some days and anita says u have tilu at ur shop and tiwari says tat he is not trustworthy so he wants vibhuti to look after and I will give him 10% of the sale and then anita asks where are u going and he tells manali and anita says oh wat a coincident even I m going to manali and tiwari in his mind says u don’t know bhabhiji I m going because u r going to manali.

Anita says it is so nice tat even tiwari is also coming to manali and she then goes in and vibhuti asks tiwari this is already planned or u planned after knowing tat anita is going and tiwari says nothing and he leaves while later doctor is seen checking vibhuti and anita asks doctor wat has happened to vibhuti and doctor tells tat his body has become very hot he needs to be taken to some cool place like manali

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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