Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update : Angoori kidnapped.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Angoori leave, Tiwari says god im sorry i know im doing wrong. Vibhu says Anu get coffee quickly stop making excuses,you do no work properly,im losing patience god sake,Anu shooks Vibhu and asks where you lost,Vibhu says just dreaming,Anu says is this the time go work,wheres coffee,Vibhu says didnt find match box,Anu says stop making excuses and get work done,you do no work properly,im losing patience god sake,and btw what did you dreamt of,Vibhu says forget it that shall never be true.

Vibhu opens the door,Tiwari runs in crying,Anu asks whats wrong,Tiwari says Angoori is kidnapped,Anu asks what,Vibhu says why didnt you die,why didnt you save her,Anu says stop over reacting Vibhu,Tiwari says oh god what will i do now,Anu says why didnt Pandit Ramphal predict this time,you are follower,Vibhu says he isnt fat aunty is and lets focus on bhabhiji,Tiwari says they have asked for 50 lakhs,Anu says in no ways,Vibhu says we will for bhabhiji,for her safety,Anu says let me call commissioner,Vibhu says thats not safe don’t do it.

Vibhu says bhabhiji its high mountain so it took me long,i got parathas for you,Angoori says oh i like parathas,Vibhu says here have it,Vibhu imagines dancing with her on mountain’s in snow.Vibhu throws paratha on Angoori,she asks what’s wrong,Vibhu says im sorry i thought its snow,Angoori asks whats weing,Vibhu says forget what will you have in dinner,Angoori says aloo Gobi.

Vibhu walks to Tiwari and says plan is successful,Tiwari says credit goes to you and your criminal mind,now make a call,Vibhu calls daddy,Vibhu changes voice and says im kidnapper here oldy,Daddy says dare you call me oldy,Vibhu says shutup you,your beautiful pretty ,Daddy says dare you do anything to shakeena,Vibhu says im talking about Angoori she is kidnapped and if you dont pay me 50 lakhs we will,Daddy says i will pay 1 crore anything for my daughter.

Daddy calls Tiwari,and asks wheres my daughter,Tiwrai says sorry she is been kidnapped i was at shop, Daddy says i wont leave you,im coming with money,Vibhu says 2500 for food,for bhabhiji,Tiwari says you cook but,Vibhu says if you don’t i will reveal the truth.

Tilu and malkan selling balloons,Malkan filling balloons through tikkas fart,Tika says you people making business from my gas,Hapu and Gulfamkali walk,Tilu says Gulfamkali i have red ballon for you,Tika cmon fill it,qnd hands ballon, Hapu snatches it and balloon bursts and all start choking and coughing,and faint except tika.

Vibhu cooking for Angoori and enjoying it,Anu watches it. Tiwari waiting for Daddy, daddy walks in and says im here and slaps him,and says how dare you,Tiwari says i am sad and angoori will be back since you got money,Tiwari says if you dont have money for my daughter why did you marry her and slaps him,and says why didn’t you save her,Tiwari says calm down,Daddy slaps him back and says calm down for what,Tiwari says lets wait for kidnappers call,he shall tell location we will give money and Angoori will be back.

pre cap: a guy tells everyone there’s a gorilla in jungle he traps anyone who tries to climb the mountain,Vibhu says god bhabhiji. Angoori in Gorillas cafe.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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