Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari at night putting the expenses. Tilu comes and says he has to send mom to village so he needs his entire salary of 51,000. Tiwari says what is this? And cant u say hello and anything and just come in and ask for money. Tilu says you are not worth hello or stuff and give me my salary. Tiwari says he doesn’t have any cash at home and he cant give now. Tilu says he has to send his mom to village. Tiwari says you don’t have to send mom to village and just want to enjoy. Anguri comes and says why are you troubling this poor man and give him his salary. Tiwari says he will give him salary but he doesn’t have now. Tilu says to anguri give him parathas as he has to go to shop. Tiwari kicks him out. Anguri says why don’t you give him his salary? Tiwari says he will but not now. Anguri says you don’t have money? Tiwari says wait I will show you. He picks the sofa bed up and there lies all the black money. Anguri says oh my god that’s black money. Tiwari says I have saved it and its my money from working hard. Anguri says okay but keep it in the bank. Tiwari says the government will put tax on it and why should I put it in bank? I love my money and looking at these 500 and 1000rs notes makes me happy. On television a news reporter comes and says this news is for all black money holders and after 12am tonight all 500 and 1000rs notes will be banned. tiwari listens and falls down unconscious.
At home there vibhu and anita are in bedroom and they hear this news. Anita says wow this is a very smart news and the government has taken a good decision. Vibhu says yes and now all black money holders will suffer. Anita says yes and look for your prem he must be crushed after the news, anita laughs. Prem calls vibhu, anita tells him to put on speaker, prem says this news shook me and I have total 5crore rupees in black money at home. vibhu says what? Prem says take 1 crore from me and return it to me slowly as you want and help me. Anita says not at all and suffer now and you should have put it in the bank, why should we take care of your mistakes? Anita cuts the phone. Vibhu says calm down, they drink whiskey.
In police station happu singh says on phone that yes give me 50 acre land and money in 500 and 1000rs notes. He keeps the phone and takes the prisoner out and says I will get money for leaving you and go now. Some men come and give happu the money and the prisoner and the men go. Happu is happy abd dances and counts the money. Commissioner comes and says what are you doing? Happu says nothing. Commissioner says okay and tells you did not see the news did you? And from today night 12 am all 500 and 1000rs notes are banned. Happu says what and cries. Commissioner says why are you crying and you should be happy. Happu says I am and its tears of happiness. Commissioner goes. Happu cries and says what has the government done and am destroyed.
At home anguri is giving Tiwari air as he is in shock and crying. Anguri says you lost all money because of your mistake and you should have kept it in bank and tax would have paid but now you lost everything. tiwari says shut up and it was my hard earned money. Tiwari cries.
At tea stall next day, tika and malkhan are counting money in 500 and 1000rs and says yes we got money and we will enjoy now. Malkhan says lets keep it in bank. Tika says shut up and we will have to pay the tax and we will keep it at home. malkhan smiles and says you are a brat. Saxena comes and says don’t be so happy and the notes you are counting are no longer legal in the country. Tika says shut up and don’t eat our brains go away. Saxena says I am not eating your brains and these notes have been declared illegal from 12 am tonight and they are not legal. Tika says what? They both start crying.
Outside the house vegetable seller comes and anguri comes and asks for 1 kilo tomatoes. The seller gives and anguri gives him 500rs note. Seller says I cant take it as its not legal now. Tiwari comes and says boy its legal and news is just rumor. Vibhu comes and says why are you fooling him and he tells seller that don’t take that 500rs note and its illegal and if anyone like Tiwari tries to fool you do not accept that note. Seller says okay. Tiwari says shut up and why are you interfering and do your work. Vibhu says the man you called jobless is now more worth than you. Vibhu gives the 25rs of tomatoes. Anguri thanks him. Vibhu says your welcome. Tiwari says don’t thank him and lets go. Vibhu says now even if you are rich I spit on you and your 500rs note is of no value. Tiwari is insulted, vibhu goes.
At home anita is there, Tiwari comes. Anita says how are you? Tiwari says juts living in your shadow. Anita laughs and says what have you come for? Tiwari says actually his friend is very sad as it is his sisters marriage but all 500 and 1000rs notes have become illegal and he cant give money now to anyone as he has 25lakh rupees in black money. Anita says then tell him to postponed the marriage. Tiwari says he cant as the time is decided.

Precap: anguri says to anita that no one is accepting the 500rs note. Anita says yes for a little while we have to go through this but this action has been take for the greater good and its okay if the public undergoes this process. Anguri says I know but Tiwari doesn’t understand this. Vibhu laughs and has mop in hand and says how much black money must Tiwari even having? 1000 or 5000? Vibhu laughs. Anguri says he has 50 lakhs. Mop falls from vibhus hand and he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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