Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti injured

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori practising yoga in garden,vibhu stares at her,vibhu says you do it so well why don’t you take classes,angoori says please don’t embarrass me who will learn yoga from me,vibhu says so many,I will be your first pupil,in all yours you can do anything with me,angoori says you have to not me ,lie down completely and guides him,Saxena and tilu watch,tilu says Bhabhi even I want to learn,angoori says come then,and says look I have one more student,angoori says now next asana,vibhu says I’m stuck.

Anu says Tiwari here orange juice for breakfast,anu gets a call from Meenal and says the price money is 10 lakhs and i am participating with vibhu he dances mind blowing bye.twiari says I’m sorry but why trust him,anu says vibhu is best,twiari says responsibility matters too,anu says what do you mean,Tiwari says like I will work hard for you,anu says my vibhu will too,twiari says he won’t,anu says cmon and you can’t dance,Tiwari says I danced so well in Holi,anu starts laughing and says that was your dance,Tiwari says it was a type of dance,anu says ok next time but this time it’s me and vibhu and we are prepared.

Saxena and tilu put vibhu on stretcher and get vibhu home,anu asks what’s wrong,tilu Saxena put stretcher on dinning,Saxena tells what happened,vibhu says it’s my fault I didn’t follow instructions properly,Tiwari says this is what I meant bhbahiji,no seriousness now bhabhiji you have to find new partner,vibhu says I’m sorry baby.

Tikka Malkhan at tea stall,Malkhan says let’s go for movie,tikka says no it’s bad thing,and do you have money,Malkhan says we don’t need I found this wallet on road and tickets in it,tikka says any money,Malkhan says no just tickets,gulfamkali walks to them,tikka says we going for movie,gulfamkali even I wish to see movie,Malkhan says sure let’s go one my ticket and one yours.

Happu walks to them and greets gulfamkali,and asks where to,gulfamkali says film,Happu says even I wish to go for a movie but with my wife but I lost my wallet,gulfamkali says I’m going with Malkhan,happu says what where did you find money to buy tickets,Malkhan says why not and slowly removing tickets,happu pulls his wallet and says it’s my wallet,Malkhan says I found it on road,Happu says why didn’t you return and slaps.happu says so gulfamkali how about movie.

Gupta checking vibhu,and says sorry I can’t cure this,anu says why he will stay this way,Gupta says he needs rest for around 4-5 months,Tiwari very happy,anu says but cure,Gupta says pray to god because medical science hasn’t found any.

Angoori says forget him I will call amaji,Saxena and tilu get him home,Gupta says share the remedies with me as well,tilu says trust god he will be fine soon,Saxena says tilu come let’s go tiwari house.

Tiwari says bhabhiji calm down take a seat,I’m so hurt how will you participate in competition your friends know about it too and if you don’t have problem shall I be your partner at least give me a chance,anu says okay go practice then we may see.

Vibhu says why me,tilu says fate,Saxena says I wish I was in your place,angoori gets a kadha and says I can’t see you in pain and says don’t worry have this and you will be better in 5 min,vibhu says it’s smelly,angoori says drink it cmon,vibhu says what is in it it’s so smelly,angoori says I already am guilty as I’m behind your situation,it contains donkey piss,and Vibhu have it,Saxena tastes it and says I like it,vibhu says please sorry I can’t.

Pre cap: tiwari performs in front of anu,anu in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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