Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti tells anguri tat u have to act like u r in love with me and anguri says tat she will try then tiwari calls anita and says tat this vibhuti is making me very angry and anita tells tat he is doing his job u calm down and tiwari says tat I am trying but I m not able to control and then anita again asks him to calm and imagine and he sees anita on his bed and he calms down and anita then asks him to breathe and calm down he cools down and anita asks how do u feel now and he says now he is feeling perfectly fine and he then sings song and is talking a walk on his terrace
Vibhuti comes from behind with a rose in his hand and tiwari in his mind says tat vibhuti u cant make me angry today at all and then vibhuti calls anguri and she comes and vibhuti then says tat bhabhi today I want to express my love towards u and gives her a red rose while tiwari is getting angry and vibhuti asks anguri to says I love u to him and tiwari is standing in between them and is getting very angry and vibhuti again asks anguri to says I love u too she say I love and tiwari gets so angry tat he catches vibhutis neck in anger.
Tiwari shouts and calls anita she comes out in her gallery and asks wats happening and then tiwari leaves vibhuti and he says tat vibhuti was romancing with my wife while vibhuti tells tat I m just acting and anguri also says tat we were just acting and then anita asks tiwari to breathe and calm down and he calms down and says tat now he feels okay and anita then asks vibhuti to come home and he leaves while anguri says love u to tiwari and he too says love u and they go in .
The same night tiwari wakes up anguri and says tat he is in mood of romance and asks her to wake up and she starts laughing and tiwari gets very angry and says y r u laughing always like this and vihuti comes in the window and while anguri and tiwari gets shocked and asks him wat is he doing here and vibhuti says tat im here for the thereapy and tiwari warns him and asks him to leave and vibhuti starts teasing and tiwari imagines anita and he keeps his cool and calms down anguri asks wat r u seeing tell me but he is lost in imagining anita and then seeing tiwari calm anguri asks vibhuti to leave and he also says ok and then anguri says to tiwari tat u were saying something about romance and he shouts at her and sleeps and tiwari says tat this vibhuti is torturing me in the name of therapy and I will complaint to anita and again when he open eyes he sees vibhuti and vibhuti also leaves
Next day morning tiwari takes the ladder and climbs it near anitas balcony and whistles and calls nalle to vibhuti anita wakes up and asks vibhuti to see who it is and vibhuti wakes up and starts saying I m sorry while anita says y r u saying sorry go and see who it is and then he comes in balcony and sees tat its tiwari and he gets very angry and asks him shouting on him wat r u doing here are u dumb and tiwari says tat u tortured me at night so I m torturing u now and says tat I m going to come in and vibhuti says u cant come in as anita is sleeping in tat too in a nighty and tiwari says I don’t care as I m getting very angry I need to see her and listening to their voice anita comes out and seeing tiwari asks him y r u here like this and he says tat this vibhuti came last night at his home through window and tortured me while vibhuti says I was doing my job I was making him angry and then anita says ti tiwari I have told him to make u angry and then tiwari says tat I get calm imagining u and but when I see vibhuti I get very angry anita then again asks him to breathe and calm down and he says tat now I feel okay and anita then asks him to go to his home and he goes. While vibhuti says to anita that this man is really rubbish wat was he doing here and anita then asks vibhuti to calm down y r u getting angry and then says I know how to calm ur anger u only need a masala tea and vibhuti says u know me very well and then anita asks him to go and make tea for both of them and add less sugar in her tea and he then goes
That day anita and vibhuti plan to go out and they get ready and lock the door vibhuti says anita tat she is looking very nice in this color and they see a rickshaw and vibhuti asks anita to sit and then anita asks vibhuti to tell where should we go a place which is quiet and we only two will be there and vibhuti says tat we will go to a crematorium and anita gets angry and says wat rubbish u talk and then says to rickshaw man sitting down to take to garden and the man gets up and he is tiwari he says he is very angry and he will always be with anita even anita gets irritated and says to tiwari y r u doing this and he says tat I cant control my anger so and he sits and drives the rickshaw while vibhuti asks anita to get down but he droves
Vibhuti then goes to anguri s house and asks her y did he married tiwari and she tells tat she was impressed by his personality and vibhuti says tat he is bad man how can u get impressed by him and anguri gets angry and says wat r u saying this and he then says sorry and he then asks her tat where did tiwari took u to honeymoon and she says bedroom he asks has he ever took u to date or a candle light dinner and she asks wat is tat and he tells its having food under a candle light and she says we have had it many times whenever thr lights go off and he says u r so innocent and asks where is tiwari anguri tells tat he is at ur home he gets very angry and goes to his house
While tiwari is sitting in hall and staring at anita she gives him a glass of water but he says thank you even without taking it and anita herself drinks it and thinks tat y is tiwari staring at her.

Tiwari hears tat anita is booking a ticket to manali for herself on phone and then tiwari is seen telling vibhuti to please take anguri to Switzerland as he is busy in his work this time.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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