Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti meets with an accident

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenal recording, Anu scares Vibhu, Vibhu doesn’t scare, Anu says i was kidding no worries,Vibhu leaves. Meenal says Vibhu didnt get scared, Anu says i told you,lets scare Tiwari again. Vibhu in pain gets out of house,he prays for Angooris safety.

Tiwari disturbed because of Anus attack, Angoori walks to him and asks whats wrong, and asks why are you ready yet, we have to go on long drive,Tiwari says its too late,Angoori makes Amaji call,Tiwari gets scared,Anu says clam down i didnt call her,Tiwari and Angoori see someone near scooty,its Vibhu who punctures the tier, Vibhu runs away before anyone sees him.

Angoori sad for her scooty, boys dash Vibhu again with their car. Anu calls Tiwari, says i want to apologise please meet me,Tiwari walks in,Meenal hides with her camera, Tiwari walks in, he gets emotional, and says im very upset because you attacked me, and didnt come out of it. Anu says im sorry, i have to do something now,Tiwari happy asks how,Anu says i will kill you and removes an axe, Tiwari gets scared, and asks why do you want to kill me, Anu says i will cut you in pieces, Tiwari runs away.

Yamraj walking by Angooris kitchen smells kheer and stops, Vibhu walks to Yamraj, and says Angoori cooks yummy food,Vibhu says good i will take her with me and she will cook for me, Vibhu tries to bribe,Yamraj says treat me with good yummy vegetarian food,im very hungry. Vibhu takes him to a restaurant. Yamraj asks why are you so affectionate about your neighbour, Vibhu asks didn’t you fall for your neighbour, Yamraj says never. Vibhu begs him to leave bhabhiji alone,Yamraj agrees and makes chitragupta a call, and cancels Angooris death.Vibhu gets excited.

Vibhu excited goes Tiwari house, Amaji in hall, Amaji asks ehy are you here get lost, Angoori walks to.them,Amaji asks Vibhuti to leave. Angoori asks Vibhu why he is here, Vibhu says you with no worries can ride scooty, Amaji says why she needs your permission, Vibhu says im just a well wisher. Amaji says okay Angoori lets go to temple now on scooty

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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