Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update : Tiwari and Vibhutis friendship bond.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari having drinks,Vibhu says tiwari you are a cheap man but my closest friend, Tiwari says i have similar feeling for you,both hug eachother, Vibhu says any trouble you face first has to pass through me, tiwari says same goes with you, Vibhu says people will swear on our friendship, saxena walks in and says truth is people swear on your friendship, Angoori walks to them and says come now its too late, tiwari says let me spend some more time with my friend, Angoori says im tears seeing you two may god bless you two, Saxena says sing your tag song. Tiwari and Vibhu sing their friendship song

Tiwari watching his childhood photos, Angoori unable to resemble amaji, a man walks in,tiwari doesnt recognise him, he says im your uncle nagan mohan tiwari, tiwari takes his blessings,

tiwari says tou were in jail how did you come out, uncle says long story, uncle says im tired now and would like to hand you the family responsibility,tiwari says im ready, uncle says let the celebration begin then, Angoori says i shall get some sweets.Uncle says but remember we have enemies beware of them.

Vibhu on call, an old man walks in looking for him, vibhu asks who are you, he says i was jailed when you were little for eve teasing enemies wife, vibhu says i remember ma use to.tell me these stories, uncle says im dhoti mishra your uncle who was jailed, Vibhu gets emotional seeing him. and asks why were you jailed so long, uncle says she was jailers wife you see, Vibhu says i eve tease too but never got caught,uncle tells its in our family, and we eve teased only enemies wives,vibhu gets emotional says i was dying to see someone of my own.

Angoori in kitchen cooking and singing songs,Vibhu says now a days you sing very weird songs, Angoori says i sing what i wish too i dont think much tell me whats going on, Vibhu says my uncle is, Angoori says what a coincidence Tiwari’s uncle is here too, Vibhu says great lets host a dinner party, Angoori says tonight lets have dinner togther.

Boys drinking,teeka says Tilu we will be friends even when we die, tilu says don’t talk about dying or i shall kill you. master walks to them,tilu asks what’s wrong, master says teeka stole my basket of mangoes,tilu says don’t punish him punish me if you want to, master whacks them both.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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