Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update Suki blackmails Tiwari

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suki says i like your body a lot, Tiwari says thank you,suki says i want this body,suki signs luki,suii starts playing around and makes luki click pictures Tiwari unaware. Tiwari walks out, Angoori asks all good, Tiwari says better, Angoori thanks Suki, Suki says 4-5 seatings more will be needed to cure this. prem asks vibhu what he did to this Tiwari, Vibhu says wait ans watch.

luki kicks boys and massages them, boys ask do you have plans to marry if you do keep us in mind too, malkan says and i love Chinese food too,teeka says me too, luki says have chinese massage today.Angoori in kitchen singing, vibhu walks to her and greets her, and asks her have you experienced love in pain, Angoori says when i saw Tiwari and anyways thank you for helping us with suggestion Tiwari feels very

good and i think even i should go and get a massage i have an back ache. Vibhu says i will find ladies massage parlour, Angoori says at chinese centee they are, vibhu denies and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks scolds vibhi for suggesting chinese parlour says that women there was so cheap, vibhu says i helped and look at you, Tiwari says Chinese products have no guarantee,luki says i hace something for you sent by suki, Tiwari sees pictures, and asks what nonsense is this, luki says its her hobby and i clicked her,we love to black mail, and suki will be there for food at tiwari house and if you mess this will be all over social media, Vibhu says Tiwari don’t take chance, Tiwari says okay invite her for Lunch.

vibhu sees Angoori and tries to ignore her to avoid talking about chinese parlour,vibhu gets stuck and Angoori sees him, and greets him, Angoori says you know suki right, i want to get massage from her, vibhu says i spoke to her she denied says i massage only men, Angoori says okay she is coming for lunch i will ask her by myself,.

Happu on call, master walks to him and infroms about robbery, happu says and what do you have that they stole,master says everything, hapu makes fun of him, both get in argument, master threatens him says i teach commissioner brother in law tutions and will stop if you dont find my stuff, hapu says why get angry.

Master waiting for Hapu,hapu meets him and says you walk ahead im following you, and will catch thief when attacks. Boys see master walk and get ready to attack, boys attack, Hapu doesnt recognise them as covered in blanket,boys with help of blanket attack hapu and run away with all his belongings too, master scolds hapu.

boys for massage, luki says today’s special Pani Puri massage, boys say we are now addicted to your massage be quick, luki stuffs puris in their mouth and gives them massage.


pre cap: suki and tiwari share a noodle, Angoori sees it

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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