Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vibhuti is calling an orchestra guy and asking him to give him a playback and the man says tat he will take 50000 for one song and vibhuti says tat his budget is 500 rs and hungs up and hears saxena is singing song while travelling from rikshaw seeing this vibhuti follows him and stops him and praises his voice and asks him from where did he learn it and saxena says tat he has learned from an ustad and vibhuti says brilliant and asks him to give his voice and saxena says no i have practiced hard for it and vibhuti says tat he is asking to sing as play back and saxena says ok but in return he will need shock and vibhuti in his mind says tat he will give such a shock tat he will remember for his entire life and then shows him the pole and saxena says tat he likes it and next day vibhuti early morning comes out singing and anguri too comes to do pooja and listens to it and goes to see and vibhuti is singing and saxena is sleeping behind wall and singing playback for vibhuti
Anguri comes and asks vibhuti u sing so well frome where did u learn and he tells from ustad zahir khan from shikharpur and she says tat u sing really well and vibhuti mistakenly stamps saxenas hand and he shouts and vibhuti says tat it was a cat and then anguri asks him to teach singing and vibhuti agrees and saxena gets up and anguri asks wat were u doing here and he tells tat he was here to learn a song from vibhuti and then anguri asks him to sing a song and saxena is about to sing but vibhuti slaps saxena says tat how could u sing when u haven’t yet completed the lessons of singing and anguri says u r rit.
Next day vibhuti goes to manmohans house and manmohan asks how come here and anguri says tat she has called him and then tells tathe is here to teach singing and anguri tells tat he is here to teach u singing so tat u can sing with me and manmohan asks from where have u learned and vibhuti tells tat he has learned from ustad from shikhrapur and then vibhuti agrees to teach singing to manmohan and anguri says to manmohan tat he should sing as amaji also wants the same and manmohan says to anguri y u told to ama and her phone rangs and and its amaji and manmohan picks up her cal and she asks him to learn singing as anguri never demands anything and if u refuse i will hit u and hungs up amaji is eating banana and she throws the cover of banana down the window and a man fells from it.
Saxena is sitting behind the wall of manmohan house compound and a girls thinks he is beggar and drops a soin in his hand and he takes it and says he likes it and vibhuti comes running out and gives a chit to saxena to sing these two songs and he should not damage his image in front of bhabhiji and manmohan and vibhuti sits in hall with anguri and then manmohan asks vibhuti to start teaching and vibhuti says tat it will be nice if we sit out and learn and takes them out and asks anguri and manmohan to stand at entrance and he goes and sits on the wall and sings a song and anguri joins him and then vibhuti says tat bhabhiji u song so well and anguri says u also sing so well and anguri then asks him to sing one more and manmohan says tat u r taking my classes or singing for each other and then anguri requests him to sing one more and he says tat this one is specially for bhabhiji and saxena sings a song of brother and sister vibhuti sings it but is beating and hitting saxena for singing the wrong song and saxena faints and vibhuti finishes the song and anguri says tat this song reminded of his brother and vibhuti says tat manmohan this was for u and then he again tells tat now he will sing song for anguri and when he starts his act to sing a song saxena is not singing and then manmohan says tat y r u not starting to sing and he acts and sees tat saxena is unconscious and he stops singing.

Anguri asks anita where is vibhuti the ustad and anita asks wat ustad and anguri tells tat vibhuti is ustad of manohan as he is teaching him to sing and vibhuti hears it and says now he is dead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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