Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Anita’s changed form

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Angoori in kitchen, Angoori says why are you here I don’t want to talk to you I am upset, Vibhu asks why, what did I do, Angoori says you spoiled my Pooja, Vibhu says I am sorry please forgive me and me and Anu went to a Maharashtrian dancers house, Chavi Zolkar and she dances very well and saw her costumes very pretty and you will look so pretty in them, Angoori says you won’t leave right so I will and Angoori leaves.

Anu dancing, Tiwari dancing standing at the door, Anu sees him and says Tiwariji, Tiwari says hello, Anu asks what were you doing, Tiwari says I didn’t want to disturb you but you were dancing so nice, Anu says what will you take to leave from here, Anu gets irritated by Tiwari and says how dare you hide and see my dance, Tiwari says I wasn’t I was coming to see you and didn’t want to disturb you, Anu says how dare you, Tiwari says I am sorry I did so, Anu says get out before my anger gets high.

Vibhu and Angoori at dining table, Vibhu trying to apologise and convince her, Angoori says when you saw us performing Pooja why did you jump in, Vibhu says I thought it was mutual pooja, Tiwari walks on crying and says Anu insulted me a lot, Angoori asks what did you do, Tiwari says she was dancing and didn’t disturb her just watched, Vibhu says you are lucky she didn’t hit you, she doesn’t like any one watching her dance.

TMT playing drums, Gupta, Prem and Master watching their street performance, Master calls them shameless, Angoori, Tiwari, Vibhu walk out, Angoori says I wish to dance, Tiwari says dare you dance, Angoori says it’s an art, Vibhu says Tiwari lets dance, Tiwari says you useless fellow you dance, Tiwari and Vibhu get into argument, Anu walks out wearing Maharashtrian attire and starts dancing with TMT, Helan recording her, Tiwari says what is this why didn’t I die, Angoori says she is dancing so well what form is this, Vibhu says Lavani. Anu feels dizzy and faints, Vibhu goes catches her takes her inside

Gupta checks Anu, Vibhu crying and so does Tiwari, Tiwari asks when will she gain consious, Gupta says she will wait, Anu gains consious and asks what is happening why are you all starring at me, Angoori says you fainted while dancing, Anu shocked and says I was dancing in front of everyone, Tiwari says I am hurt, she insulted me saying its her personal hobby and danced infront of everyone. Anu says what is she is saying, Vibhu says forget them but you dance so well, so pretty, Anu asks why am I wearing this, Helan shows her recording to Anu, Anu asks when did this happen.

TMYT counting their money, Teeka says he has 500₹, Tilu says 400₹, Malkan says 100₹, Tilu says 1000₹, Teeka says drinks will cost 300₹, Malkan says amd non veg in 400₹, Tilu says wow this business is full package, Teeka says this is actually Anu bhabhi’s dance, Malkan says does that mean this money isn’t ours, Tilu says it is ours but because of our talent we earned money, Teeka says she is truly our Bhabhi Ma.

Tiwari upset, Anu insulted me so bad and then danced infront of whole colony, what is that she wants to prove, Anu in Maharashtrian attrie calls Tiwari Ganpat whistles at him, Tiwari says bhabhiji, Anu says what bhabhi its me Chavi, Tiwari says what all is this and what language are you using, Anu starts telling about Kalpana her friend, Tiwari asks Pelu doesn’t he understand what is going on, Pelu hands a note which says I think bhabhiji has lost it. Tiwari says very correct. Anu says from the time I saw you I am in awe so lets meet below the bridge we will have fun, Tiwari says what are you saying, Anu says I know you like me and meet me under bridge I will tell you everything and if you don’t come I won’t spare you. Tiwari in shock

Anu sees TMT and asks Pelu to wait, boys greet her, She slaps them and says do I look like an oldie, Anu talking in Marathi, TMT doesn’t understand Marathi, and ask what language is this, Anu says its marathi, Malkan says you are Kanpur girl, Anu slaps him and saya I am Chavi Zolkar and why call me Kanpur and Anu gets angry on them and asks them to get her money, Teeka asks what, Anu slaps them, TMT give them money, Anu says from today you three will work for my dance and are my servant’s and will pay you some money and here is your 10₹ each and asks them to come at night for rehearsal and leaves.

Pre cap: Tiwari and Anu dancing. Angoori and Vibhu angry, Angoori says I will burn Tiwari in the fire I am burning in, how will he feel if I dance with my neighbour

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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