Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri telling drink this bitter gourd juice. Vibhu is sad but drinks it.
At night anita switches on the tv in her bedroom. The news is there and a reporter says so this is farmer vibhuti Narayan Mishra and this man has got a formula he created from which he grows crops in just one night and for this he has become famous in Kanpur. Vibhu was jobless before but is now famous. Anita sees and says oh my god vibhu is on tv and I am so proud of vibhu. Reporter says so how did you create this? Vibhu says with my intelligence, reporter says tell us too. Vibhu says no no I wont tell here on television and what if other countries see and even they want? Reporter says yes that’s true. Anita says good answer vibhu and he is so modest. Reporter says so he is vibhuti Mishra and this is A to Z news. Anita is proud of vibhu.
There vibhu in morning is ploughing and he sees anguri in the balcony and anguri blushes and then they dance on song iss dil ka kya karu from barfi. Vibhu sings and anguri and vibhu dance. Suddenly vibhu opens his eyes and he was dreaming at night in his farm. Vibhu says come on vibhu you have to stick the tomatoes now, vibhu sticks the tomatoes and then he gets on the plough and is sleeping when Tiwari comes and says so whats up formula man and are you making any new one? Vibhu says yes one which keeps people like you away from here. Tiwari says oh shut up and I know you are fooling people and you cannot fool me. Anita comes and says shut up Tiwari and mind your language and he is my scientist husband. Vibhu is shocked as to why anita is supporting him. Tiwari says what are you saying and even you? anita says yes before I did not know this was real but he does with formula and does not fool the people. Tiwari starts crying, anita says you fool people by giving them bad quality undergarments. Tiwari cries and says bhabhiji but he is fraud, anita says shut up and go from here. Tiwari cries and goes. Anita says vibhu my baby I am proud of you and grow as much as you want, vibhu smiles. Suddenly a van comes and 2 Chinese men come out and point gun at vibhu and say get in now. They kidnap vibhu and take him with them. Anita says what do I do? And is scared.
There at the Chinese man’s house, the man is eating noodles and the 2 men are beating vibhu who is tied up to the chair. The man says give me the formula now from which you grow tomatoes in one night. Vibhu says believe me I am speaking the truth and I did not have any formula. Man says his men to beat vibhu 10 times as he wont tell like this. Vibhu is beaten and he cries and says I seriously don’t have any formula and I was doing all this only because my wife wanted to send me to meerut and so I wanted to stay here so I stuck tomatoes everyday night in lawn. Man says shut up and tells his men to give vibhu lizard soup if he doesn’t tell. Vibhu says I wish I went to meerut.
There anita Tiwari and anguri are sitting and anita says I am worried for vibhu. Tiwari says they will kill him, anita says what? Just shut up and what are you saying? Tiwari says Chinese men don’t leave their enemy so easily and they give snake bites to the person on his butt. Happu singh comes. Anita tells her complain and happu says so they are 2 chinese men who took vibhu and were they black? Anita says are you mad and have you seen black Chinese people and no they were fair. Happus says okay we will do find him as fast as possible but what do you think why they took him? Anita says maybe because he made this formula and they want it. The vegetable seller comes and says anita Bhabhi where is vibhu and he owes me 3000 rupees. Anita says what? 3000 rupees? Why? Seller says every night he has been taking 10 kilos of tomatoes from me. Everyone is shocked. Tiwari and happu start laughing and tiwari says so now I know how he grew tomatoes. Happu says even I get it and laughs. Anita is disappointed and says even I get it. Tiwari says now what answer will vibhu give those Chinese men? Saxena comes with vibhu who is beaten and bruised. Anita says he is fine? Saxena says I saved him from those men and I know kung fu. Vibhu says they beat me so much but I did not give the formula. Anita says which formula? And if there was any. Vibhu says what do you mean? Anita says we know your entire story of that fake formula and the vegetable seller told us. Vibhu looks at him, saxena is disappointed in vibhu. Tiwari and happu singh laugh. Vibhu says okay.
Next day vibhu has cleaned up entire lawn and tika malkhan come. They are shocked and say where Is our farm? And did you shift in the bedroom? If yes then that’s nice because people disturbed us here and now we will grow radishes. Vibhu gets up and says actually I wanted to tell that I never grew tomatoes in a night and I fooled people because I did not want to go to meerut. Malkhan says what are you saying. Vibhu says yes and we can never do farming because farming can not be done by people like us as farmers are very honest and love their farms and work very hard but we don’t and they are dedicated towards feeding the entire country so lets salute to the great farmers of our country. Tika malkhan and vibhu salute.

Precap: anita is eating breakfast poha. Tiwari says even yesterday I have something yelloe and it was besan kadi. Anita says that’s healthy actually. Tiwari says yes but I ate it too much and expected something yellow would come out today morning but nothing like that happened. Anita vomits the poha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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