Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti becomes millionaire

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says to Angoori that Vibhu will call you ma’am, and not bhabhiji, Angoori says this is not fair, Tiwari says what are you doing in kitchen, I’m paying him why are you helping him and from today you will call him khachedu, and you are my servant so stay in your limits, Vibhu says god how much will you insult me.

Vibhu in his bedroom in pain, he gets call from Anu, she asks him how was his day and why is he so tired, tiwari says he welcomed me with so much love, Anu says so nice, he is so kind and big hearted, Vibhu says he shared his lunch as well with me, Vibhu remembers Tiwari insulting him while having lunch and stealing his lunch and says you will have only one paratha rest I will eat and leaves. Anu says how caring, I have so much respect for him now and if I would be there I would praise him, Vibhu says baby I’m tired I will go to sleep, Anita says keep working because if you leave work, I leave you.

Tiwari waiting for Vibhu, Vibhu walks in, Tiwari says it’s 12 why are you so late, Vibhu says I woke up late, I’m sorry, Tiwari yells at him,and says you are fired, Vibhu starts crying, and says give me one chance atleast for a month, Tiwari insults him and asks him to leave, Vibhu leaves.

Vibhu at tea stall, and yells at tea vendor for tea, and cribs about Tiwaris attitude, says kept me insulting and now how will I answer Anu, Malkan and Teeka walk to him, they both discussing about a girl, and see Vibhu and greet him and ask what’s wrong you look upset did Tiwari throw you out, Vibhu says shutup, Teeka says you snatched Tilus job, Vibhu says I didn’t, Teeka says it’s proved that there is no job for you. Teeka and Malkha make fun of Vibhu, he slaps them.

Vibhu walking upset says I will burn this world, Saxena walks to him and says what will you get by this negativity, you will be alone and no one with you, the negativity will kill you, you will be alone with just ashes, Vibhu says I have lost my way please help me,Saxena says don’t worry I will help you. Vibhu tells him about the situation, Saxena says this is not done, whenever I have faced injustice, have snatched it, I fought for it, Vibhu asks how, Saxena says think tricky, Vibhu says will you support me,Saxena says sure I will.

Helan and David playing cards, Helan wins the game says pay 1000, David says I don’t have now, Helan sees Vibhu says good you came, go cook, Vibhu says Tiwari kicked me out, Helan says what have you done god, David says to Vibhu you must have done something wrong, Vibhu says I didn’t, David says when he walked to you with job why did he fire you, Vibhu says this all was his plan, David says first of all there is no money and you are doing this, now go fall in Tiwaris feet and beg for job, Tiwari walks in with Angoori, Tiwari gets sweet and distributes, says we brought this to better our bounds, Angoori says don’t have any hard feelings, Vibhu says nothing for you, I have respect for you, Angoori says and for Tiwari, Tiwari says nothing.

Saxena walks in and says Vibhuti your uncle Harry from South Africa is no more, David asks who is he, Vibhu says he had coal mines in South Africa, and he took me as his son, im so upset and heart broken, he used to give me meals during during boarding, and later went to South Africa, and today when I need him he isn’t there, Saxena says calm down, your uncle had called me, Vibhu says why didn’t he call me, Saxena says he did you didn’t pick, Vibhu checks phone and starts crying, David says did he give you money that you are crying, Saxena says he didn’t give money but named around 110 Cr property in name of Vibhu and his lawyer will see Vibhu soon, David says is that, Helan very happy. Angoori says congratulations.

Pre cap : Vibhu dressed in suit walks in colony to get milk, Vibhu says before I invest answer me few questions and asks Tiwari showrooms spelling, Tiwari unable to answer.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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