Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari crying and drinking. Suddenly vibhu comes and Tiwari get scared. He says vibhu you here? Vibhu sits and drinks from his glass. Vibhu says I am vibhu’s ghost. Vibhu says don’t scared I wont do anything to you. Tiwari says why have you come back? Vibhu says because anita never loved me. Vibhu starts drinking and now gets drunk. Tiwari says never loved you? vibhu says yes and I long for love. Vibhu says I have a lot of ghost friends now. Tiwari gets scared. Vibhu says I have come to take some revenge too. Vibhu drinks more and says my ghost friends cheer me a lot and I have become a star among them. Tiwari says okay as he is scared. Vibhu gets up and says anyway I have some unfinished work, vibhu goes.
At tea stall tika and malkhan are there and malkhan says I heard vibhu’s ghost is here. Tika says yes and is that true? Malkhan says grandmother used to say that souls are true and she told us stories. Tika says yes she said that. happu singh comes. Tika and malkhan say when will we have the funeral party of vibhu and happu give us a treat. Happu says not now. Suddenly vibhu’s voice comes and says you want a funeral party? Everyone is confused. Suddenly vibhu comes and all three get up scared. Tika shivers and says vibhu how did you come? Vibhu says I am his ghost and you all want a party? Everyone say no we were just talking. Vibhu says now stand where you are and don’t run, close your eyes and all of you remove your clothes. Everyone say what are you doing? Don’t do this. Vibhu says just shut up and close your eyes and remove your clothes now. Happu tika and malkhan close their eyes and start removing clothes. Vibhu dances. They keep clothes down, vibhu slowly takes the clothes and goes. Happu says vibhu how much time? And where are you? then all three open their eyes and malkhan says maybe he went to graveyard again. they then see down and clothes are not there, happu says he took our clothes and now we go naked home?
Next day in hall anita says vibhu to eat sandwiches fast and the agent is coming. Vibhu says okay. Suddenly bell rings and anita says go inside. Vibhu goes inside. Anita opens door and insurance agent comes and Tiwari and anguri come too. Agent sits and anita starts crying. Agent says mam you have to sign here and your cheque will be passed soon. Anita stops crying and says give it here, I will sign now. As anita signs, from kitchen vibhu watches. Suddenly vibhu’s uncle comes inside and says vibhu where are you? anita gets shocked and Tiwari says he had to come now. As uncle comes in, he sits and anita takes his blessings. Uncle says where is vibhu? Anita says actually uncle vibhu died and he fell in a valley. Uncle says what? And you did not tell me that before? Uncle has some tears and then says vibhu died that’s so sad and I had put my property worth of 20 crores on vibhu’s name but he is dead and now I cant give it to him. In kitchen vibhu is happy and excited. Anita is happy and excited and say wow that’s nice. Tiwari and anguri and agent are shocked. Anita says uncle give It to me then and I am your daughter only. Uncle says no anita, I haven’t forgotten what you did and you had put ink on me. Anita says but we were over that and you forgave me. Uncle says yes but vibhu is not there and its no use putting it on your name. vibhu comes running and says I am here uncle. Uncle and agent get scared. Anguri says don’t worry he is ghost. Vibhu says no I am not and I am vibhu, I was just acting as we needed money badly. Uncle says so here is your document for money. Vibhu is happy and kisses uncle on cheek. Agent says how can you do this and you are an agent and you fooled me? Vibhu says just shut up and go. Agent says this is not fair and goes. Uncle gets a phone call and says what it happened again? now what to do? Uncle says okay that is very bad and he keeps the phone. Vibhu and anita say what happened uncle? Uncle says your aunt again won the case and she sealed all my accounts, so it means you wont get the money. Vibhu says what? What the hell. Anita is angry. Tiwari laughs. Anita gets a phone call and its uncle, she gets happy and keeps the phone. Anita says vibhu uncle doesn’t need the 5 lakh rupees and we can stay here. Vibhu says what? That’s amazing. Vibhu and anita dance.

Precap: anita is in kitchen making food and Tiwari says I searched you everywhere for jogging but you did not come. Anita says today I am making food myself. Tiwari says wow then we will come for lunch. Anita says sure. At lunch Tiwari takes the first bite and eats, everyone look at him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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