Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan says no he must have misunderstood and anita says to him even u must have misunderstood and tiwari says no I m not and vibhuti then calls from inside and asks who is there so late and anita tells tat its tiwari and vibhuti says oh tat tiwari from whose shoulder I found the hair of a lady and tiwari then says good night and leaves and anita shuts the door and says he spoilt the night and wishes good night and vibhuti asks her did he go and she says yes and says to him u go and call my deepu and vibhuti then starts speaking in deepus style and anita then asks him to come with her in bathroom
Tiwari goes out and says y did vibhuti told anita about the hair wat must be she thinking and comes saxena and he says tat who must be thinking wat tiwari brother and tiwari gets shocked seeing him and he asks to saxena he was in mental hospital how is he here and saxena says tat he has been cured as u didn’t notice I dint says I like it and manmohan slaps him and saxena says its ok u r big brother and u can slap me and tiwari says u r rit u r cured u r no more mentall and saxena says tat now he wants to say sorry to all those who are been affected by his madness tiwari tells him tat those all people have been very angry on him and searching u to take revenge and saxena says how will he stay inside for so many days and wat will he eat and tiwari says tat he will provide u food and saxena says sorry tiwari brother but as I know u u r not so helpful y ru doing this and manmohan says I was just helping u and saxena then asks him to mend his home walls and tiwari says tat he will provide u food and he leaves
While vibhuti comes out in gallery tat night and says tat anita is mad she made me wash clothes of last entire week and then anita calls deepu and vibhuti denies to transform and then he sees tiwari at saxenas house and he then thinks tat saxena is not here then wat is he doing there and thinks tat he must have definitely hiden someone there another with whom he is having affair and then he sees tiwari leaving and makes a dog barknig noise and tiwari sees him and vibhuti says tat he knows wat u were doing there and tiwari says go and sleep and they both go in
Next day anguri calls amaji and tells her about the hair on tiwaris shoulder and amaji tells her tat once she also found a hair on tiwaris fathers shoulder she ran about 3km behind him to hit him and for one week she didn’t gave him food but later she found tat it was a horse hair and then anguri asks wat u did then and amaji tells tat she again scold him and hit him and amaji then asks her to keep an eye on tiwari and anguri agrees and hungs up and later she says tat she cant doubt tiwari she loves him
Vibhuti comes to meet anguri and sees tat she is wearing apron on which there is a heart and on it is her and tiwaris pic he asks her to remove it and she says this is her love for tiwari and vibhuti tells her tat tiwari is having a affair with another lady and he has seen it with his eyes and anguri says she do not believe it
Tiwari in his dreams sees tat anita is drying her wet hairs and he is standing behind and he is seen sleeping on bed and anguri comesin with a cup of tea and tiwari in sleep starts praising hair and anguri wakes him up and asks wat were u saysing in sleep and manmohan says tat I was praising ur hair and anguri asks him there is nothing tat u r hiding from him wat vibhuti said is not true and manmohan says tat vibhuti is nonsense person
Later anguri is seen watering plants and singing song and vibhuti stands near the compound staring and she waters on him and then says sorry and vibhuti ask her do u really trust tiwari she says tat she has a littile bit doubt and vibhuti then says do u want to clarify if this is true and she says yes and then vibhuti says tat u have to play an act with me pretend tat u r having a affair with me and we w il get to know while anguri says tat she cant do this all and she leaves and vibhuti says tat anguri u r so innocent.

Vibhuti says tat he has report of the hair on tiwaris shoulder and tiwari in his mind says tat if it comes out tat this hair is of anita then this will be a big shock for everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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