Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti in trouble because of Bella Donna

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu Singh in police station and thinks what he see at Vibhuti’s house. Manohar walks in Happu gets scared. Manohar says control I’m not ghost I’m your Manohar looks like you are in trauma. Happu says from the time I have seen witch she always come infront of my eyes. Manohar says do you know any Tantrik Baba. Happu says yes I know one he use to line in my neighbour he love all these things. Manohar ask where is he know. Happu says he had fight with ghost one time and now he is ghost. Everyone enter police station. Tiwari says to Hapou save us. Angoori says BelaDonna will not leave us. Happu says that witch is chasing you too. Tillu says lock us in jail please. Manohar ask is she coming here. Everyone says yes. Manohar whispers to Happu if we lock them up in jail then who eill save us from that witch. Happu ask then what should we do. Manohar tells Hapoy a plana nd give him keys. Happu says come with me you all and lock themself too in jail with everyone.
Malkhan says now we are save she can’t ooen this lock. Teeka says she is BelaDonna can do anything. Teeka says don’t be over smart she can do anything. Tiwari says first save yourself. Angoori says lets talk To BelaDonna she is also lady she will listen to me. Commissioner walks in and ask where are you Happu and Manohar. They greets him. Commissioner ask what are you all doing inside. They says we are scared of Witch that’s why we locked ourself inside. Commissioner says most wanted Witch is at my home my wife. Happu says you should also come inside she is very dangerous. Commissioner says there is nothing like witchs and I’m not scared like you she cannot do anything to me. BelaDonna walks in and hold Commissioner shoulder and says her poem. Commissioner see her and gets scared, says Happu take me in help me. Happu says warned you earlier now face it. Commissioner faints.

TMT and Tiwari go to graveyard near Bella Donna grave. Teeka ask Tiwari aren’t we much deeo inside graveyard what you want. Tiwari says I need to borrow lian from Bella Donna. Tilku ask why do you want to borrow money. Tiwari mocks them and says why I’ll borrow money from Witch, I came here to make her run away, we need to do something thing. Teeka says I’m trying to understand what we should do. Tiwari says we need to find out about her past. Guard walks in they all get scared. Tiwari ask who are you. Guard says myself Tony and says what are you doing here this is not a public place who let you inside. TMT says Tiwari brought us inside. Tiwari says we have some work from Bella Donna. Tony says you cannot do any work she is deal long ago here is her grave. Teeka says we know that but there must be her relative. Tony says she has one husband Robert who come every dry day to light candle. Tillu ask where is Robert. Tony says it’s so cold here ask them to hold his belongings and drink alcohol from bottle.

Tony, Tiwari and TMT goes to Bella Donna house Tony says here it is do whatever you want to do. Tiwari says lets go inside. TMT says its suicide going inside. Tillu says lets see another door to enter and start looking. TMT and Tiwari peep inside the house and see two old people. Old man says did you see Donna darling we made fool to insurance people of 50 lakhs just by your death news. Bella says you are so intelligent. Old man says but we have to law low till the time we don’t get insurance money. Bella says as we get the money we will go Goa. Old man says now let’s celebrate. TMT and Tiwari see everything. Tillu says she is alive and Vibhu was scaring us on her death. Tiwari says we will take revenge from him.

Tiwari and TMT go to Tiwari house and tells everything to Angoori. Angoori says that means Vibhu was doing drama. Tillu says yes you are right I know how scared was I. Malkhan and Teeka also share there thought. Tiwari says don’t worry we will take revenge. Angoori says he should pay for this I’ll not talk to him. Tiwari says ne need much more great punishment because this is so less for him. Angoori says no we cannot do that afterall people make mistakes. Lights go and everyone get scared. Bella Donna come and says her poem and greets Angoori. Angoori says I’m good how are you. Bella mocks Tiwari and says today we will play slap game and everyone will slap you. Tillu says let’s start game. Malkhan says my hands are already in motion. Teeka says I feel itchy in legs and hands. Bella says then start. Tiwari says then we will start from you. Tiwari walks to him and start beating Bella, remove his wig. Angoori says Vibhu it’s you. Vibhu says yes it’s me. Tiwari says we know its you and everyone curse him for his behaviour. Vibhu says did you feel any humanity when you disrespected me in front of everyone. Tiwari says when we disrespected you. Vibhu says you said me coward infront if everyone that time I thought of taking revenge frim everyone. Saxena walks in and says I see how you slapped Bella please beat me too because I helped him a lot and tell how they made everyone scared from there act how Saxena helped him to scare everyone. Everyone beat Saxena. Vibhu leaves.

Angoori on phone with Bhuri says it was Vibhuti not Bella Donna. Tiwari walks in and she keeps her phone. Tiwari says you are always on calk with Bhuri atleast give me yime in night. Angoori says I give you time but it’s you who come and go to bed. Tiwari try to get romantic with Angoori. Angoori says my favourite program is about to air I’ll see that first. Tiwari says your program will spoil the mood. Angoori says no need to worry I’ll make your mood again.

Anu in bedroom. Vibhu walks in and ask her why are you looking like this. Anu says I’m watching you but not saying anything and says the path about Bella Donna and says no need to give any explanation I know it’s you and you make everyone scared and I’m not upset on you, it’s calld as Chanikye Neeti if someone is not understanding what you are saying they you take some hard step. Vibhu says I was tiered of there comments, use to say me name I got fed-up so thought of taking revenge. Anu says now my show is starting ‘Mano Ya Bhaad Mai Jao’. Vibhu says this is the show that tell about true and facts.
Report says behind me is the house of Bella Donna who construed this house with her husband Robert Donna in 1990. They have two children Lele Donna and Dede Donna. Lele Donna ran away and rest 3 were find death in this house still they live in Kanpur as ordinary people you think they are people but they are ghost.
Tiwari says so what we saw were dead people. TMT says what this news is saying. Tillu says they are doing for there TRO. Malkhan says they can be true. Tillu says what is they are right and there soul is strolling around. Malkhan says uf husband’s soul is strolling then it’s sure wife soul must also be strolling. Tillu says you are telling me or scaring. Teeka says news people are saying. Report says I want to tell you that if you find any girl who says I’m Bella Donna and someone knocks your door then don’t open door directly first ask from inside if she is Bella Donna then only god can save you. Someone knocks at TMT door. Teeka ask who is it. A voice come Bella Donna.

Tiwari scolding Angoori. Angoori cries and says I’m leaving.

Angoori go to Vibhuti says I lost everything and come here tell will you allow me to live inside

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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