Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu tikka and malkhan on call,say uncle I’m Tilu me and friends are homeless can you give us shoulder,what no,please uncle we can even stay with your cows and sheeps,what we will harass your sheeps why will we, you are so cruel.Tilu says guys uncle denied he says if he allows us, we will harass his sheeps.

Happu walks to them and on call says hat will I do if your wife hit you,look it’s your personal matter sort it on your own,happu says is this your fathers scooter that you three are on my scooter,tikka says we are homeless give us shelter,happu says am I agent to fund home for you,malkhan says you look like one,happu says stay in your limits or else will throw you behind bars,Tilu says tikka I have a plan and all slap happu, happu says walk straight to jail,all happily walk.

Tiwari says I was so happy to go massorie but bhabhiji denied and my fate now I can’t even enjoy with Anguri,Anguri rushes to him and says oh look you alone are enjoying rain come let’s get out and get wet in rains,Tiwari says oh no,and goes to bed,Anguri asks what,Tiwari says nothing go have fun,Anguri says I won’t without you,Tiwari says and I can’t with you,Anguri says if not me who Gulfamkali,Tiwari says why will I with her,she says why not me,is my body covered with thrones,Tiwari says thrones Panditji sowed here,Anguri asks what,Tiwari says nothing I have allergy if water,Anguri says why do you bathe then,Tiwari says I meant rain water,Anguri starts crying and says you changed you are lying you dint love me anymore I’m going and leaves crying,Tiwari says how will I tell her I haven’t changed,Anguri shouts yes you have.

Vibhuti says how will I convince Anu not go masoorie and in case I go,how will I rain dance with bhabhiji,but Anu is so stubborn but still I will try,Anu baby I’m waiting cien to me,Anita walks In and says why shouting,Vibhu says it’s thundering out and inside me and when it meets you it will rain and we will rain dance,let’s go out the rain is calling us,Anita looks at him and says do you think I’m fool,Vibhu says no baby,Anita says this buttering won’t stop me from going masoorie now I shall enjoy rains and rain dance only in masoorie and walks out.

Tikka Tilu and malkhan having drinks in jail,tikka says Tilu great idea,how did this idea struck you, I mean it’s raining so heavily and look we have a shelter,Tilu says I always use this idea,whenever I have to run away from my lenders I slap some police authorities and they put me here and I’m safe,happu hears all this,malkhan says tikka we shall use this idea too,happu says so you three are here to have fun,Tilu says no we,happu says shut up you are the master mind and now I shall throw you out and kick your asses,malkhan says don’t do this where will we go in these heavy rains,happu slaps them and gets them out of jail,and says get out now,tikka says you fool shutup happu I shall slap you to death,happu says nothing shall work get out.

Commissioner walks in and asks what all is this happening,happu says sir these three were drinking inside the jail,commissioner says how dare you, Tilu says I payed for it what bothers you shut up,commissioner gets angry and says how dare you misbehave with me,malkhan says look and puts bucket over his head and says I misbehaved again,commissioner says happu Singh put them behind bars right now,happu says this is what they want,he says I don’t care just put them inside,tikka Tilu malkhan happily walk in,happu slaps them and later removes bucket of commissioners head.

Anita in balcony says these men take us women as fools,they think buttering can save them from us,Anguri walks in to her balcony and say syou are right they don’t care about our feelings,Anita says did Tiwari hurt you,Anguri says yes,he promised me rain dance and now denied,Anita says even Vibhu denied to come masoorie,you know what they think we can do nothing without them let’s do one think secret,y pack your bag and come down,Anguri says not even to tiwraiji,Anita says yes he doesn’t care about you right so just pack your bags and come down.

Anita and Anguri meet each other near the car out their luggage inside,Anguri asks its so beautiful look at the rains,anyways where are we going,Anita says masoorie and both leave.the mad man shouts again both will die no one shall be alive.

Tiwari half wakes up and says get up get me a tea and why are you still sleeping and sees it’s pillows beside and not Anguri and starts calling out her name and says may be she is getting me tea,Vibhu shad anu baby good morning and finds she isn’t beside him and says may be she is out jogging,it’s easy for her she has no work as I do it for her,she comes back I serve her and she leaves for grooming classes let me go see bhabhiji anyways,

Vibhu comes out in balcony and says oh this weather how romantic why isn’t bhabhiji in garden yet,Tiwari walks into balcony and says I thought bhabhiji will be practising yoga but look who i saw,Vibhu says oh no him anyways hi Tiwariji morning,tiwrai asks where is bhabhiji,Vibhu says on a walk,Tiwari says it’s raining she may catch cold,Vibhu says if you are so worried go behind her with umbrella,Tiwari says what are you good for,Vibhu says for bhabhiji,Tiwari asks what,Vibhu says nothing may be Anguri bhabhi and Anita are together just a thought.Tiwari says possible she wanted to be in rains,but I couldn’t you know,Vibhu says yes I said bhabhiji come with me let’s have fun but she denied,and broke my heart,Tiwari asks what,Vibhu says Anu fought with me for masoorie again,didn’t yountalk,Tiwari says I did and said let me come I shall protect you,but bhabhiji denied and said she will have to protect me instead,Vibhu says she is right.

Happu sign snoring in police station,commissioner walks to him and says look at him as if he is at in laws house, happu Singh wake up,happu says shut up and get lost,he shouts again happu Singh, happu Singh wakes up and says greetings sir,commissioners says you lazy person I don’t need greetings from you,happu says sorry sir whole night I was on duty so tired,commissioner says anyways leave these boys,I thought about them all night and then this morning I meant their landlord told me these boys harassed his sister in law and so he threw them out of his house and so I don’t want them here even for a minute,because this isn’t a guest house,happu says yes correct look what I do,happu picks up his Chappals and starts hitting them.

Tikka says Gulfamkali wait don’t pull down my hangover,happu says wake up,come out,commissioner says get out,Tilu tries the trick again and says shut up you commissioner you look like Devanands duplicate and waits for commissioner to get angry but nothing works,tikka says let’s leave and all three get out,commissioner gets very angry.

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