Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti insults Angoori.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu upset on Tiwaris behaviour with Angoori and says i wish i was capable enough I would give her so many nose rings. Vibhu sees uncle sitting in front of him abd asks when did you come, uncle says yes im here for business. Vibhutis asks did you bring will papers,uncle says no cant i come to see you,vibhu says no,and im sure you here for some girl. Uncle starts laughing and says very correct,im here to see gulfamkali but she isnt in town,vibhu asks when are you leaving,uncle says soon, where is anu, vibhu says Lakhimpur,Uncle says this is nose ring one lakh worth your aunty didnt like it,so i thought Anu will use it,and only she will use it im telling you.

Angoori in kitchen very upset,Vibhu walks to her and asks who hurt you bhabhiji,Angoori says nothing all good,Vibhu says cool no issues, Angoori says look i dont feel like talking to anyone,we shall talk later, Vibhu says sure Anu sent you this gift,Angoori excited opens the gift,and says wow nose ring, i wanted one,how did anu learnt about it,Vibhu says coincidence, Angoori says let me call her and thank her, Vibhu says she is very busy call her after a week, Angoori says i wanted one and got one im so happy,please convey my thanks and tries the nose ring and asks how do i look, Vibhu says awesome.Angoori says let me go check.

Tiwari in bedroom calls Angoori, and says tomorrow we will go market and get a nose ring,Angoori says i have one,im gifted this, Tiwari asks who gifted this, Angoori says guess, Tiwari says tell me,Angoori says Anu sent me. Tiwari gets excited and says wow bhabhiji did let me thank her, Angoori says she is busy for a week and asked not to disturb her for a week. Tiwari says come lets spent some quality time, Angoori says im very angry good night.

Uncle visits mishra house late night, Vibhu asks why so late, Uncle says im going tomorrow morning and i want the nose ring back, vibhu asks why now you gifted it, Uncle says your aunty want it back, Vibhu says i gifted it to Angoori. uncle starts laughing,uncle says it runs in our blood i have done this many times,and now your aunty wants it back, and if i dont your aunty wont give me any property.

Angoori gardening happy for her new nose ring, teeka malkan say you look so good in this nose ring, Saxena also priases Angoori, Vibhu says very wrong,it doesnt suit her at all, Saxena scolds vibhu,vibhu says bhabhi dont wear it,it doesnt look good on you,just take it away,Angoori starts crying and leaves,teeka and malkan abuse vibhu, Vibhu walks away.

Angoori upset about Vibhus comments,tiwari asks whats wrong, Angoori tells him, Tiwari says how did he insult bhabhijis gift. Vibhu walks in, Tiwari says apologies for insulting bhabhijis gift, Angoori says fine you learnt your mistake. vibhu says i haven’t done any mistake, Vibhu comments again on angoori, Angoori says enough and gives him back the nose ring,vibhu leaves. Tiwari says why did you give him back, Angoori says give me a new one or else I’m calling amaji

Vibhu says bhabhiji was looking so pretty but i insulated her all because of uncle.Uncle walks to vibhu,and says your aunty doenst want this anymore i will get her a diamond ring, now she doenst want this nose ring,you keep this with you,uncle leaves.

pre cap : Angoori says its important to study or else people will make fun,and i want to resume my studies, Tiwari says no you won’t. Amaji calls Tiwari and asks him to allow Angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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