Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update Dimperial finance company a fraud.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

angoori and tiwari dancing, anu and vibhu dancing in their respective bedrooms with lot of cash around,Anu says Vibhu you were dreaming right me too. tiwari to Angoori where are you lost,Angoori says there was lot of cash around me and i was wearing many ornament. Anu says baby now we will invest our money properly and have good returns,Vibhu says we will go on world tour,Anu says exciting where will we go your choice, Vibhuti suggests places anu denys with excuses

everyone waiting with suitcases outside dimperial finance company to collect their cash, Vibhu says im kind of nervous,Tiwari says ofcourse you will be you never have seen so much cash you see,vibhu says shut-up dont piss me off ,Boys says we gonna have so much money and i will not have to work for this shameless beggar

Tiwari, Boys decide to invest in chinese food truck. prem asks what will you invest in,Vibhu says not thought of it, Hapu says why will you anu bhabhi will do it,vibhu says shutup,Prem says i will open a casino.vibhu says its late.

A man enters and says no you are fooled,that man was fruad he ran with millions of Kanpur people, vibhu says let me call him, He says sure try but security throw them out. Pathan in Tiwari house with shakila and ramila and says i enjoy this morning and do a thing remove this lawn,Angoori says this is my house, Pathan says sorry but i thought your husband won’t make it here with my money, Angoori says he will, Pathan says if he does i will leave and if doesn’t i wont.

Angoori says oh look get going my husband is here, Pathan says oh our money is here,Vibhu and Tiwari walk in, both start crying,Angoori asks why cry, tiwari says we are caught in a fruad,vibhu says anu will kill me, vibhu says he ran with money. pathan says shakila ramila says lets go inside abd have fun its our house now.

Vibhu walks in,Anu waiting for him, tiwari and Angoori follow, Anu says where were you, i was so early waiting for you, we are rich now,Angoori tiwrai come in im so happy you joined us in our happiness we will party soon,tiwari says we actually,Anu says no no this time it will be my treat, Angoori says no one can party now, anu says give me the suitcase open it. Vibhu opens it, it’s empty,Anu asks why is it empty,Tiwari says we are fooled it was fraud company and we all are fooled and left with nothing. Anu in shock,Vibhu says baby cry out,Anu faints.

Gulfamkali says someone give me food im so hungry,Hapu walks to her and asks are you fine, Gulfamkali says today im in need but have no one, Hapu says we all are hungry too,but i have an idea, that will help us all and shares it with everyone. Prem puts on the music, Gulfamkali starts dancing,Boys make announcement, no one comes to watch, Gulfamkali faints.

Pathan enjoying garpes in the house, and asks ramila and shamila to cook food and throw a party,Tiwari and Vibhu walk in,Pathan ask who are you,Tiwari says owner, Pathan says ex owner,Tiwari says my wives clothes are left here, Pathan says everything heres belongs to me, Vibhu says dare anyone touches bhabhijis clothes. Vibhu tiwrai find ramila and shamila are men and get scared , Pathan says take them to my room,Vibhu says i don’t find his motives good, both run away.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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