Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena laughing and says come here both. Anguri says what are you doing here at so night? Saxena says I want snake bite and I cant stay without please give me. Tiwari says go now not now. Anguri says its okay give it and he wont go otherwise. Saxena says yes give me. Tiwari bites saxena 2 times. He says I like it and goes. Anguri says oh my god nagraj and prays. Twiari goes and sleeps.
At night vibhus uncle comes in auto. Saxena is there. Uncle says stop and asks saxena what happened to his hand? Saxena says he got bit by wish giving snake. Uncle laughs and says where is it? saxena says its In that house, Tiwari lives there. Uncle says yes Tiwari lives and are you mad? Uncle then says obviously you are mad and laughs. Saxena says I am but I never lie and Tiwari is the wish giving snake and another thing don’t go in front of him as he hates you and if he bites you then you will be knocked out. Tiwari is in kitchen drinking water and he yawns loudly. Uncle listens and says its his sound and tells pelu to take back to airport as he will go back to London. Uncle goes. Saxena says I like it.
Next day in lawn, Tiwari is there and anita comes and sits beside him. She says so I heard you are nagraj? Tiwari says yes and what can I do I have become this wish giving snake. Anita says yeah I know and actually I am happy that you are nagraj and I believe it. Tiwari says yes? Anita slowly says no and then says yes so that Tiwari hears it. anita tells now I know your secret and I will tell you one secret of mine tonight at home. Tiwari thinks wow what will anita share with me? Anita says so will u come? Tiwari says yes and if vibhu will not be there then it would be nice. Anita says yes and goes. Tiwari is excited.
Vibhu is at pani puri stall again waiting for anguri. Anguri comes from vegetable market. Vibhu says wow we met and I will help you out. Anguri says okay. Vibhu says eat this pani puri here and its nice. Anguri says no. vibhu says for once eat you will like it. anguri says okay and eats pani puri and says wow it is nice, vibhu is mesmerized by anguris beauty. Anguri offers vibhu pani puri. He eats one and takes water to wash his hands and by mistake again spills water on 2 snakes. Vibhu says oh my god snakes. Snake charmer says what have you done again? You will this time be actually bitten by 2 snakes. Vibhu starts crying and says what have I done?
At night Tiwari wears the nagraj costume and goes at anitas house. He says where are you bhabhiji? Anita is wearing a nagin dress and she comes from stairs and says I am here. Tiwari says what is this anita? anita says I am actually a wish giving snake and burning in the fire of guilt. Tiwari says what? Vibhu and anguri are watching from kitchen. Anguri smiels and says look at my nagraj. Anita tells yes and I used to love a snake bunty but one day another wish giving snake pushpa came and bunty always looked at pushpa. One day they both were kissing so in anger I killed bunty but later saw that pushap was removing dirt from buntys eyes and so I feel guilty. But finally you have come as nagraj in my life and you are my bunty and lets go. Anita hisses and says first we should bite each other, anita says I will bite you and hisses. Tiwari screams and says no I am not a wish giving snake. Anita says yes you are not? Tiwari says yes and I did this only to have fun with vibhu and trouble him and leave me please. Vibhu and anguri come out. Anguri is angry and says you made me a fool and lied to me and I will never talk to you, anguri goes. Vibhu says why did you do this and I will press your neck. Anita says leave him and I think he is sorry for this. Vibhu slaps Tiwari on his butt and tells him to go. Tiwari goes. Anita smiles and vibhu says thanks.
Outside the gate tika malkhan and happu singh are hiding and as Tiwari comes they surround twiari and happu tells tika to play the flute and let him dance so I will get the gem. Tiwari says are you mad and I am not a wish giving snake I am human. Happu says every wish giving snake says this and we have to forcefully remove the gem. Tika says yes and from where should we remove the gem? Happu says from his mouth. Tiwari closes his mouth. Happu points the gun, Tiwari opens mouth and tika puts hand in his mouth and removes a gem. He says yes I got it. Tiwari says you removed my tooth. Happu says this is a tooth. Happu says then it must be in his forehead and catch him. Tiwari shouts. Anguri vibhu and anita come out. Anguri says what are you doing? Happu says wait and he is a wish giving snake and we are taking the gem. Anita says shut up. Vibhu says he is not a wish giving snake and he was lying and his lie was opened inside just now. Happu looks at tika and malkhan. Tiwari says he removed my tooth. Anguri says the one which was moving? Tiwari says shut up. From auto mom comes and stops it. Tiwari is scared. Mom says anguri you don’t worry and pandit ramfal has given me this holy powder sprayed stick and if I bash him up then he will become human again. Mom takes stick and bashes Tiwari for 3 minutes continuously on his butt. Mom says Tiwari are you human again? Tiwari says I was already human. Anita says actually Tiwari was lying and he is a human only, but nice as he deserved it. mom says what and he is a brat. She tells anguri to put her bed and they both go. Tika and malkhan go singing. Vibhu tells Tiwari take a deep breath and try to sit as it will pain. Anita laughs and goes. Vibhu says you butt is going to pain so much and he laughs and goes. Happu goes in auto. Tiwari is hurt and he goes home.

Precap: Bollywood actors Shakti Kapoor and ranjit come. Shakti tells anita she is beautiful. Anita says she is his great fan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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