Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,saxena talks to tiwari as vibhutis londons uncle and says tat he was remembering him and tiwari says tat even he was dreaming tat he is giving him the cheque of 5 lakh and saxena then says tat he cant hear and asks him to come in gallery and manmohan tells anguri he is going in balcony to talk to vibhutis uncle and anguri says to ask him if he had food and manmohan says tat even if he didn’t had r u going to pack food and send him and goes out in balcony while vibhuti acts like he is seeing stars and when manmohan comes in balcony he says hi to vibhuti and tells tat his uncle is missing him a lot and then he sees saxena and asks wat is he doing here so late and saxena says tat he is here to experience the cold breeze it feels like London here and then vibhuti says tat saxena its too late u should go and sleep now and they all leave
Next day Vibhuti is telling anguri tat manmohan is crazy and mad and anguri says wat are u saying and he says tat he is a simple man if he get crazy behind a lady of London then wat would happen and anguri gets tensed and says tat she will call amaji and goes inside and vibhuti says tat he is very intelligent anguri calls amaji and tells her tat she is scared tat manmohan can get trapped by a beautifull white ladies in London and amaji says tat they wont trap him but he will fall for them and so to keep him away u should go with him and then asks her to give phone to manmohan and then amaji tells him to take anguri with him to London soo tat she can keep watch on u and tells anguri tat she can do shopping and shop bikini for her and hungs up
Vibhuti comes talking on phone to sell policies in gallery and sees anguri and she then tell him tat she has a good news and vibhuti tells her tat she is looking beautiful and anguri tells him tat she is also going to go with manmohan to London and vibhuti gets upset and shocked listening to this Next day anguri comes to vibhutis house vibhuti opens the door and welcomes her she then tells tat she is here to meet anita and comes anita and says tat she was thinking of her and says to vibhuti tat its time to leave for office and he says tat he will have this breakfast and then leave and anguri asks anita to teach her English as she talks as she is also going to London with tiwari and anita says sure and explains her how to introduce urself myself anguri tiwar may I know ur name and anguri pronounces mysaif and vibhuti corrects her tat it is self and anita then asks him tat will he got office by himself and vibhuti leaves and anita says to vibhuti heforgot something and he comes and picks up an apple while anita again says tat he is forgetting something and anguri smiles as she sees them and vibhuti kisses anitas hand and anguri says even manmohan does it so when he leaves.
Vibhuti and manmohan come out and meet as both sit in the rikshaw and vibhuti tells to manmohan tat he doesnot want to do this job and asks him to do anything so tat he can quit this job and he will in return do a favor and manmohan asks him to cancel the London deal as anguri once will start shopping will not stop and the deal of 5 lakh will cost him 10lakh and the deal is done both decide to help each other and anita is seen talking on phone saying tat she need the wall color blue and matching curtains and vibhuti comes in and sits on sofa upset and anita sees him and ask wat is he doing here and y is his face red and he tells tat his boss is very bad and so he left the job and anita asks y wat happen and vibhuti tells tat his boss used to ask him to wash his utencils and in this way he is used to trouble him anita then says lets complaint to police and vibhuti says no they should not and anita asks him y didn’t u tell this to her and he says tat u were happy with my job so he didn’t tell her and then says tat he would do this for her and anita says tat he can then wash the utencils at home
Manmohan sitting with anguri on terrace tells her their London trip is canceled and anguri gets upset and and manmohan romances her to make her jappy and he gets a cal and asks anguri to go prepare food for him and she goes and receives call and it saxena calling as vibhutis uncle from London and he asks tat when will he come to London and manmohan says tat cant he take order on phone and he says no he has to come to London and hungs up
Bell rangs and vibhuti opens the door and is shocked to see his uncle from London.

Vibhuti welcomes his uncle from London and says tat he should have atleast called once before coming and uncle asks tat do u still go behind women as u used to do before marriage and vibhuti says no he has left all this he has such a beautiful wife and comes in manmohan and greets uncle and uncle himself introduces as manmohans uncle from London and manmohan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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