Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti as King Narendra Singh.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on


Anu on call says Ranvijay i was talking about you to meenal, ans yes you did send yiur proposal but then i had accepted someones elses and i insist please come Kanpur, Vibhu gets jealous and interrupt with comments,Anu says are you mad vibhu what is this, i was speaking to prince Ranvijay singh and you know his whole family is in london and he had proposed me too, the royal babrala family had proposed me but i had accepted yours, Vibhu gets jealous and sleeps.

Angoori singing, Vibhu walks to her, and asks how is she doing, Angoori says i have to share something you know i dreamt last night that Tiwari is part of rajwada royal family, Vibhu says that never is possible, Tiwari asks why is that, Tiwari and Vibhu gets in argument, Angoori says enough you two, boys walk to them and ask what royal family.angoori says forget them tell me what is up with you two, boys says we are in tough time, please help us with some money, Tiwari says agreed first cheer for me and abuse vibhu, boys do so, tiwari hands them money. Angoori feels bad for vibhu.

Vibhu goes to temple, and complains to god for his situation, a royal family member hears it and asks saxena who is that man,saxena says unemployed Vibhuti and keeps blaming god for his situation, he sees tattoo on vibhus back and says only royal family people have this tattoo, and walks to vibhu, and says you belong to royal family, and has shifted to London but why are you here, and tell me what did your mother do in past, vibhus mother says zingpur royal families maid, he says god news you were in danger during war and so handed to a maid there, let me give your mother maharani babita the news about you, but your father is a alcoholic now, and has left your mother and your mother is prepping for her 4th marriage, so prince Narendra Singh please get ready for yiur coronation.

Vibhu along with mahamatri tells Anu about Narendra Singh, Mahamantri calls Anu queen, and says saxenas forefathers have served our family for ages and he will serve you now, Anu asks when is coronation, he says before coronation king has to live royal life for a week and win peoples heart and then we will begin ceremony, anu says i will be owner of millions wow Vibhu im so happy.

Angoori wakes Tiwari, Tiwari starts reading news paper and reads kanpurs model colony resides zingurpurs royal families prince and his name is Vibhuti Mishra.

pre cap : Angoori and model colony welcomes Vibhuti as king Narendra Singh

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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