Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update Vibhuti as Jewel thief

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori dancing looking at dressess, Tiwari walks in, Angoori asks how are these dresses, Tiwari says but why are you trying them, Angoori says Anu said, I have to help her till Vibhu gets fine, Tiwari says Vibhu is acting, Angoori says did you check him, Tiwari says he is fooling bhabhiji, Angoori says can’t you see how hurt he is and Anu is so upset too, Tiwari says why did he go to that bad theatre, it has bad chairs, adult movies, Angoori says how you know. Tiwari says I have been there many times and shout at Angoori.

Vibhu as jeweller on call with Lutin from Russia, Anu says this is dangerous, Vibhu says you are dangerous because you call me Vibhu, Anu says sorry sir but this smuggling is dangerous, Vibhu says okay massage my legs, Anu says I come here just for household work, Vibhu says you have to tell me price, Anu says you can’t buy anything, Vibhu says I’m having a bad headache, Anu remembers Gupta’s advice and starts massaging Vibhu’s leg.

Angoori in western outfit watering plants, Vibhu dressed as rich man walks to her, Vibhu says to Angoori, you are my babydoll Mona, I miss you so much, Angoori says I can understand and don’t worry I stay in neighbourhood, Vibhu says Mona you met me after so many days, let’s celebrate and dance, Angoori says I love dancing, Vibhu says lets shake, Tiwari rushes to them, and gets irritated seeing Vibhu and says she is my wife, Vibhu says Mona ask him to shutup or else I will feed him to dogs, and now dance for me, and Ghanshyam das(Tiwari) shutup, Tiwari says I beg to you, she is my wife don’t do this, Vibhu says Mona dance and removes knife, and says Ghanshyam Das if you try stop him again I won’t spare you, Angoori starts dancing.

David visits Mishra house and sees Anu is in pain and asks whats wrong, Anu tells him whole story how Vibhu is now a jewel thief, David says he can’t be a jewel thief look at his personality. Anu says he thinks he is jewel thief, and I am his servant, Tiwari walks in and asks Anu why is her hand paining, Anu says I helped Vibhu a bit, Tiwari says what, why, you should give him poison, Anu says he is my husband I will do what I want to, Tiwari says today he made Angoori dance. Anu says what, Tiwari says Vibhu even threatened me with knife, Anu says to David, you have to do something now. David says me and Vibhu have different connection, I will talk to him.

TMT at tea stall, Tilu has lipstick mark on his cheek, Tikka asks what is this, Tilu says girls hostel Rupali kissed me, Malkan says you left us alone and went with a girl, you will be punished, Vibhu walks to them and says he surely will be punished for taking a leave, Tilu says why will you punish me, Vibhu slaps him calls him Tribhuvan and says our business commission helps you with expenses and if you dare again to take a leave, I will kill you.
Vibhu asks to make tea with diamonds, Malkan says diamonds will scratch your throat, Vibhu says intelligent boy, Tikka asks all good, Vibhu calls him Jackson and says I have a plan, Tilu whispers to Tikka what nonsense is this, Vibhu says to Tikka, we have a plan and you three find a place where we can hide after robbery, Saxena walks to them and says Vibhu are you part any fancy dress, Vibhu calls him Katrina and asks where were you, and treats him like a cat.

Vibhu gets call from home and says good diamond sabji is ready make some diamond paratha and leaves, Tikka explains everyone Vibhu’s condition.

David waiting for Vibhu, Anu asks him what’s wrong, David says waiting for Vibhu, Anu says call him then, David says its busy, Vibhu walks in talking to Dhanraj Seth saying I will steal all your jewellery. David says Vibhu look your uncle is here, Vibhus ays my uncle is dead in police encounter, Anu says he is your London uncle, Vibhu says you are a servant, control yourself or else I won’t spare you, David says she is your wife Anita and me David Mishra your uncle, Vibhu says whole family is mad, you are a servant now warm some water for me Chotu, David gets angry on calling Chotu and says I won’t give you my property, Vibhu says you are nothing in front of me, go warm water for me Chotu and leaves. David starts crying and says he behaved so wrong, Vibhu walks in again and says Chotu clean the room.

Pre cap: Vibhu says to Angoori, I will buy oil wells, Angoori says good.
Amaji says where does this Vibhu bring all this drama, Angoori says Tiwari is the reason behind all this, Amaji whacks him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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