Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Angoori tells Vibhuti and Tiwari that she had a boyfriend

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in garden, Vibhu greets her, Angoori asks Vibhu how he is doing, Vibhu tries to flirt with Angoori, Angoori doesn’t understand, and says you know all my Parathas are burnt, Vibhu says you are so innocent, you must be so innocent before coming to city, ANgoori says people think I am innocent but I am very smart, Vibhu says you must be followed by lot of boys in village, Angoori says yes and you know I use to snatch their cards and run and they use to run behind me, Vibhu says so innocent, and did you have boyfriend, Angoori says yes I did he was Rajendra and I called him Raju, and he use to sleep on my laps and I use to sleep near him and we use to play and eat together all day and he use to run away with my ghagra when I use to go bathe in lake, my memorise with Raju, he must be so upset without me, I massaged him and bathe him last time I met him, Vibhu leaves.
Anu on call with Meenal, Meenal tells her Anurag has a affair, Anu says he looks so innocent, Meenal says I will talk to you later I have to cry infront of Priya now, Tiwari walks in and asks Anu why does she look upset, Anu tells him about Anurags affair, Tiwari says so, Anu says its such a bad think, Tiwari says it happens, Anu says you should have self control, I see you since so long but you never did this, Tiwari says yes I have self control, Anu says you are wonderful person and I hope all are like you, you never see other woman, but Anurag is so useless, Tiwari says men after 40 go that way and you should take care of Vibhu as well, Anu says my Vibhu is very loyal, Tiwari says he is very naughty, Vibhu hears that and scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says its just general, Vibhu says if this is so you should look at your wife she had a boyfriend, Tiwari says don’t blame her, Vibhu says lets go to her.
Angoori on call with Bhori, Tiwari and Vibhu walk in arguing, Tiwari says this man says you had boyfriend named Raju, Angoori says yes before marriage and we do meet eachother, Vibhu says and she use to bathe him too, Angoori says because we use to get dirty playing in mud and I use to do occasionally and if I didn’t Aunty use too. Tiwari asks why did you hide it, Angoori says it was past, Vibhu says was he handsome then us, Angoori says yes he did, and he was handsome of all Goats, Tiwari and Vibhu shocked to Know Raju is a goat, Angoori says did you think Raju was a man, oh god you are so bad person Vibhu, Tiwari yells at Tiwari too. Tiwari gets a call and tells Angoori that her Raju jumped in well and died.
Saxena reading news, Teeka asks what, Saxena says three scoundrels eve teased a woman, Saxena tells him no one is scared of Police, Happu says yes they do, now a man was sitting in no parking I issued him penalty, Saxena says why don’t you catch the real culprits read this news why don’t you patrol, Happu says I do just didn’t do for 3-4 days because one of my hawaldars drank petrol, Saxena humiliates Happu, he slaps him, and says I will torture you, Saxena says if Police cant do their work I will, I will not let scoundrels out even if they are police.
Anu eating dessert, Vibhu walks in, Anu says I was waiting for you, Vibhu says I did all household why were you waiting for me, Anu says I have a surprise for you, Vibhu thinks its alcohol, Anu says come out of the bar, I made you your fav kheer, and added twist, it has goat milk, Vibhu says I hear goats, Anu says shutup and eat the kheer, Vibhu says you are so rude you took away milk of a animal, and if you want me to eat kheer make it from powder milk and no goat items in this house and leaves.
Meenal calls Anu and starts crying, says I made Anurah his fav dal and he threw it on my head and I am sure he ate with his other woman, Anu says I made Vibhu his Fav kheer and he didn’t eat, Meenal says I feel so much better, Anu asks why, Meenal says even Vibhu is having affair I was so jealous you are happy and now we are equal I feel better bye, do call me if you want to cry.

Pre cap: Anu and Tiwari appoint TMT to spy on Vibhu. Vibhu goves Angoori a mobile and says this will help you connect with Raju call at 1.30

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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