Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update Tiwari stabs Angoori

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti on call, Tiwari walks in acting like he is still hynotised,Vibhu treats him like a dog, Tiwari bites him, he says I can’t help it, it’s happening and it’s not under my control the inner animal in me is doing it, Vibhu says its a dog control it, go to bhabhi and help her in kitchen household, Tiwari says okay as you say,bites Vibhu and leaves.

Tiwari gets to the house and says begin acting, Angoori starts shouting for help, Tiwari says i won’t leave you, Vibhuti rushes in and sees Tiwari stabs Angoori, Vibhu says no and runs to Angoori.
Vibhu asks Tiwari why did he do so, Tiwari says Tommy did it i didn’t,i did as you said, you asked me to murder Angoori, Vibhu says i asked you to handle mutter, Tiwari says oh. Vibhu says just a oh get lost let me dehypnotise you, Tiwari asks what’s happening here, Vibhu says you stabbed bhabhiji, Tiwari says i,Vibhu says i hypnotised you because you insulted me all my fault, Hapu walks in with Malkan teeka reporting, Vibhuti says punish me and please take care of Anu after me.

Angoori says calm down vibhu, Vibhuti gets excited, Angooori says we did this to teach you a lesson, Vibhu says i can explain, Tiwari says no need and we let you free because of bhabhi ji. Malkan gets a call that they have been fired.

Boys at tea stall, no one lends them money, Tilu says because of our reputation,teeka says but we have to take Jhulan to 5 star restuarant, Jhulan walks in and asks we going tonight,boys says sure see you tonight.
Teeka says boys everything is fair in love and war, they see a scooty.

Hapu and new commissioner having tea, he praises hapu for his food,Hapu says im glad you liked it and please pay some attention on me and promote me, Commissioner says sure but where is my scooty i had parked it here, it was my brother in laws and get me it asap or i shall demote you.

Angoori cooking, Vibhu walks to her, and asks its smelling good what’s cooking, Angoori says pulav, boys greet them riding on scooty, Vibhuti asks where did yiu steal this from, Tilu says its our friend buntys, Tilu says im selling it for 5000, Angoori says its very cheap buy it, then we will go bazar together, Vibhu gets excited and says i bought it but bhabhiji i dont have money,Teeka says bhabhi you buy then, Angoori says i would like to Tiwari doesn’t like, Vibhu says you give me loan then.

angoori calls tiwari,tiwari asks why this gathering here,Angoori asks for 5000₹, tiwari asks what for, Angoori says first give,Tiwari says to give these beggars, Vibhu says excuse me do i look like beggar, Angoori says don’t argue,Tiwari hands money and leaves answering calls, Vibhuti hands boys money and gets scooter,Angoori says we will go on scooter together, Tiwari walks and asks tell me, Angoori says i will go with him to buy groceries on his scooter, Tiwari aays where did he manage to buy money for scooty, Vibhu says you just paid 5000₹,Angoori says it was a loan he will return.

Vibhu waiting for Angoori, She walks to him, and both about to leave, Hapu says you stole commissioners scooty, how shameful, Vibhu says i bought it,Angoori says yes from boys,Tiwari walks to them and asks whats wrong, Angoori says he says the scooty is stolen,Hapu says lets go police station,Vibhu says herez 100₹, Hapu sags i will need 2000₹ to hide this case, Vibhu asks for 2000,tiwari says keeps asking for money,Vibhu says look i cant disturb Anu now,Tiwari says yes dont distirb her and hands Hapu money.
Tiwari and Angoori leave for market.

Vibhu walks to boys,they having date with Jhulan,Vibhu slaps them,Jhulan leaves Vibhu says you sold me stolen scooty give me my money,boys say go home we will send money, Vibhuti says okay and leaves. malkan asks where will you get moeny from.Tiwari steals bike standing behind, and leaves.

pre cap : Prem says he bought a bungalow in chandora.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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