Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita in bedroom at night and she says what is this smell of a dead rat? Vibhu comes and sits beside anita and says this is the beautiful smell of a farmer’s hard work. Anita says shut up and go from here and you are smelling too bad. Vibhu says one day you will know the beautiful smell of farmer is equal to jewellery. Anita says shut up and you are a fraud farmer and all this is being done because you don’t want to go to meerut. Vibhu says no, I wanted to be a farmer ever since and I was scared as you would bury me somewhere even if I thought of being a farmer. Anita says oh please and you are jobless and not a farmer and get lost now. Vibhu says if it was someone else their wife would press legs and let them sleep but you tell me to get lost. anita says yes right now, get lost. vibhu says see one day you will know my hard work, vibhu goes. At night at the vegetable seller’s hpuse, vibhu goes and wakes up the seller who is sleeping outside his house in his field. Vibhu says get up, seller wakes up. Vibhu says right now pluck 10 kilo tomatoes and give it to me. Seller says at night? And there is something fishy. Vibhu says don’t think too much and give me tomatoes. Seller says okay I will take 100rs for each kilo. Vibhu says why you take 20 rs and everyone takes that much. Sellers says that’s in morning but its night now so 100rs. Vibhu says just give me at normal rate otherwise I will tell your wife that you have an affair with someone. Seller says no I will give you.
Next day morning, anguri gets up and comes out of house, and is shocked to see vibhus farm having tomatoes in one night and she says how is this possible? And last night he sowed the seeds. Anguri wakes up vibhu sleeping there and says see your farm . vibhu sees and says yeah I grew so many tomatoes in one night. Anguri says how is this possible in one night? Vibhu says actually I have a secret formula of fertilizer and it grows any plant in one night. Anguri says that’s nice. Anita comes and says what the hell? And I am shocked and how did these grow in one night? Anguri says see anita vibhu is a successful farmer. Tiwari comes running and says how is this possible? And tells anita that I think this is fishy. Anita says I think the same and we have to know what he is doing. Vibhu tells Tiwari that you are a fraud man so you will see everything fishy. Tiwari says get lost. vibhu tells anita that he has a secret formula of fertilizer so he did it so fast. Anita says no science can do anything like this so fast. Anita goes jogging, Tiwari goes behind and tells anuri that don’t get involved with this jobless man. Tika malkhan and saxena come and are shocked to see the crops grown so fast, tika says see our hard work has gained fruit. Malkhan says yes and then they say vibhu we will need a bullock from now, vibhu says that will be arranged.
At home Tiwari brings happu singh and anita says sit down. Anita tells happu to remove all vibhu is doing outside and arrest him if you need but release soon. Happu says but growing crops is not a crime and being farmer is not crime. Tiwari says I have a plan and we will dig the ground and remove guns and then you can arrest him and say that he was arrested for illegal guns trafficking. Anita says shut up Tiwari and what stupid ideas you give and instead happu you remove his farm because this is a residential block and crops can not be grown here. Happu says yes that I can do.
Tika and malkhan are the bulls and vibhu beats them and they plough crops, anguri comes and says I brought food. Vibhu keeps the plough and says yes food has come. Tika and malkhan say our idea of bulls was wrong, they then say we will also have anguris food. Vibhu says just shut up and sit down and I will eat it. anguri says yes take it, vibhu opens the box and sees onions and hard rotis anmd is shocked. Tiak and malkhan again eat paneer and say wow this is tasty. Vibhu says son tika come here and lets eat together, tika says I did not hear you and they eat food. Anguri says vibhu don’t you like my food? Vibhu says ofcourse I like it bhabhiji and see I will eat it, vibhu is forced to eat the food.
At home Tiwari says bring lunch anguri, anguri rbings the hard rotis and onions and chili. Tiwari tries breaking it and says what is this? Anguri says that is roti? Tiwari says no its cement and what is this stuff? I want lunch and why did you give me this? Anguri says because I want to wake up the farmer inside you. Tiwari says shut up and I am not a farmer but a successful business man . anguri says be like vibhu and he is a farmer, Tiwari says you are boredom and vibhu fools you and he is a fraud man. Tilu comes and says Tiwari you are not a business man and your business of undergarments in failing just like you are and all customers are going to other shops and no one is coming at yours. Tiwari says what? Anguri says see that’s right and become a farmer like vibhu and close the shop. Tiwari says oh shut up. Tilu says farmer? Tiwari can never be a farmer and only vibhu is a true farmer. Tiara says shut up both of you and he goes. Anguri says I will make Tiwari a farmer.

Precap: anita tells happu singh and his constables to remove vibhu’s stuff from the lawn. Happu orders his constables to remove the crops.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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