Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update : Anitas nightmare

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem says in party om most ill manner here. Teeka talks nonsense, Anu says anyways, and covers for him, to not loose price, Tilu says for me manner is like a gril,you should always be respectful. Malkan joins the nonsense talk.

Saxena says shocks help me stay mannered. Angoori says for me its food recipe. Anu says for me its like magnet that attracts good people. Vibhu says for me, when i think of it,i think of Anu. Tiwari says same here, for me Angoori is equal to it. Anu says lets sing a song.

Anu is cleaning house very old, her mother in law scolds her says why isnt the work not done yet,and if you can’t work properly leave this house, She says this is my hosue get out of the house, Vibhu hears Anu sleep talking and wakes her up, Anu says im so scared, Vibhu says night mare, Anu says yes,and thinks i shouldn’t tell him about dream he will make fun of me and says i saw mummy ji left us all and went Himalay and i felt bad. Vibhu says but you were saying dont push me out of house, Anu says i was sleeping. Anu says im feeling guilty now, to behave this way with mummy, i want to apologise, call her. Vibhu says mummy will be so happy.

Angoori wakes Tiwari by putting his finger in hot tea, Tiwari says i know we will win this competition.

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