Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti rings the bell with a stick at manmohans house and anguri opens the door and she asks him tat u went to work and he says tat he was missing someone so he came back and she says tat may be u r missing anita so much he then tells tat u wont understand and tells her tat he will teach her some new English sentence and says I love you she then says wat are u saying vibhuti says tat he didn’t mean it this is a sentence and anguri says she knows this and he should teach some other sentence and he then says I m falling in love with u and explains it to her in hindi she then says tat she cant say this she feels very shy and says tat she has work she has to dry clothes on terrace and goes inside
Anita is teaching manmohan she says to him tat he can ask her a word and she will teachi him the pronunciation he then asks how to say I love you and she says it and manmohan replies I love you too anita asks wat and he says will u please pronounce it again and she does it while manmohan is drying clothes at manmohans house and talking to his friend on phone and telling him tat anita is fine may be she must be sleeping and then says tat anguri bhabi is very nice how did god let her marry a donkey like manmohan and anguri comes he hangs up the phone and anguri brings him snacks to eat and she then says to vibhuti tat he is a very nice person and is thank full to him as he gave order of 5lakh rs to her husband and then she says she will bring some more snacks and vibhuti then thinks how could he cheat such a nice lady and decides to withdraw his order of London
Anita gets ready in nice blue sari and manmohan is waiting for her in hall when he sees her he says tat she looks very beautifull in this sari and then asks her to teach him ball dance as it is the tradition in London wat will I do if someone asks me to do ball dance and anita says tat she will teach him and asks him to come in front of her and do as she says and asks him to hold her hand manmohan is very excited and is shivering and anita asks him to not fear and hold her hand and comes in anguri while anita says tat she has come at right time and manmohan in his mind says tat she came at very wrong time and anita says tat she will teach anguri and manmohan should sit and see and asks anguri to consider herself as manmohan and asks her to hold her waist and manmohan is getting sad as he is not getting the chance to hold it and anita teaches the ball dnace step to anguri
Vibhuti is waiting for saxena he comes from back side and vibhuti asks y does he always comes from back side and saxena says tat its his habit and then vibhuti asks him to cancel the plan that they made of him being his uncle from London saxena gets sad but vibhuti give him a lolly pop and tells him to not to call him here after as his London uncle and saxena agrees and he leaves while vibhuti decides to tell anguri and manmohan about the canceleation of the order and vibhuti reaches manmohans house and asks is bhabhiji at home and comes out anguri and manmohan while vibhuti looks sad and sits on sofa and tells them tat now manmohan cant go to London as his uncle has fell ill and gone into comma and will come out of comma after 10 to 12 years and manmohan asks wat happen and vibhuti says tat he was doing bunjee jumping but forget to catch the rope and fell down so he went into coma and he cries and then manmohan gets a cal and it is vibhutis uncle from London and in real it is saaxena calling manmohan asks the he was in comma and saxena there says tat he is fine now and seeing tat it is call from London uncle and he takes the phone from manmohan and says to saxena tat he has asked not to call then y did he and saxena says tat he should not talk like this to his uncle and vibhuti asks to take care and hangs up and then b=vbhuti asks manmohan to keep ready for going to London and leaves
At night anita and vibhuti are sleeping and their landline phone ranges anita picks it up and its London uncle on phone and wakes vibhuti and asks him to go in balcony and talk vibhuti comes in balcony and says to saxena tat is he mad y is he calling so late at 2 am and saxena is standing down and hangs up and calls vibhuti by making a noise and vibhuti starts shouting at him that he is stupid dosent he understand once told not to call and saxena says how u are talking to me like this and says tat he will cal manmohan and tell him and then vibhuti then starts saying sorry to him nut he does not listens and saxena calls manmohan anguri picks up the call and he says tat he is vibhutis uncle and asks to give phone to manmohan while vibhuti is throwing chapals at him and asking him to hang up the phone but manmohan picks up and greets uncle Namaste.

Vibhuti is telling anguri tat manmohan is crazy and mad and anguri says wat are u saying and he says tat he is a simple man if he get crazy behind a lady of London then wat would happen and anguri gets tensed and says tat she will call amaji and goes inside and vibhuti says tat he is very intelligent.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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