Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update : Vibhu becomes jewel thief

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu in her house sitting. Tiwari walks in and greet Anu. Anu greet her back and says do you want to have coffee and ask Vibhu to make one more cup. Vibhu says we were left with only 2 cup coffee now we have rat poison should I bring for him. Anu says he is kidding tell me how did you come. Tiwari says I didn’t got time of going temple so thought of worshipping you. Anu says don’t compare and stop embarrassing me. Vibhu walks in and mocks Tiwari calling him illiterate. Anu says this coffee is amazing I love you. Tiwari shouts. Vibhu says any problem. Anu gets call from Meenal says you are going to Italy to setup Anurags new business lucky you and congratulations, we will vome to party tonight and hung up and calls Vibhu. Vibhu says I know they are going out it’s because he cheated from my paper or else it could be you and me . Anu says rubbish and says we need to go tonight. Tiwari says to Anu you should go alone because there will be successful people and you will feel ashamed because of Vibhu. Anu says you are right Tiwari but people don’t interfere a lot. Tiwari says people are there and I don’t want you get insulted there. Anu says I understand what you are saying and I kind of agree with you and says to Vibhu I think I should go alone because I don’t want to be kind of embarrassed of you. Vibhu says what are you saying am I embarrassment for you. Anu ask Tiwari to cover his ear to discuss important with Vibhu. Tiwari cover his ear and Vibhu and Anu discussing says do you understand or should I explain more. Tiwari mocks Vibhu. Vibhuti and Anu ask him to leave.

Angoori in kitchen. Vibhu walks to her and greet. Angoori ask how are you. Vibuu says I’m good you tell something new. Angoori says I’m cooking paneer for Tiwari because he wants to eat it. Vibhu says to her my friend asked for an advice so I’ll ask you that. Angoori says yes. Vibhu ask is it that if my friend is unemployed he has no respect. Angoori says however talanted your friend might be but he should earn something for his family only then people will respect him. Vibhu says what about love and respect he earned. Angoori says explain me if you go to a vegetable seller and kiss him on his cheecks will he give you free vegetable. Vibhu says what and ediotic example. Angoori’s try to explain him sarcastically why job is important and says go explain this to your friend also. Vibhuti says I understood. Angoori says listen you should stay away from him or else you will spoil your life. Vibhu says I’m thinking why did I ask you and leaves.

Teeka and Malkhan outside theatre. Malkhan says to Teeka I think Tillu ditched us and went with a girl. Teeka says don’t worry he will come to us to live that time we will make him pay. Malkhan says it’s time to go. Teeka says wait it’s still time left look at view and see Vibhu coming towards them so they hide behind film poster. Vibhu walks to poster. Teeka and Malkhan greet him. Vibhu ask what are you doing here. Malkhan says what happen you look tensed come with us to movie you will feel good. Vibhu ask how is the movie. Teeka says it’s amazing. Vibhu says I need to see something comedy. Masterji walks to them and says don’t you feel ashamed of visiting such places. Vibhu says leave them they are young let them do some fun. Masterji says okay what you are doing here. Vibhuti says I’m accompanying them. Masterji says you should feel ashamed that you are not helping Anu financially and relying on her expenses and walks away. Vibhu says that hurt me. Teeka says oh my god now come with us inside you will feel good and they all go to watch movie.

Anu walks out of her house. Tiwari walks to her and flirt with her. Anu ask are you trying to say something. Tiwari says I liked your purse so that of giving to Angoori what’s the price. Anu says it’s of 10,500/-. Tiwari says it’s costly I’ll let Angoori know, says you look beautiful like an angel. Anu mocks him and ask how you compared me with an Angel did you see one. Tiwari says my father told me how angel look like. Anu says what you Ammaji told on this. Tiwari says after that my father see only witch. Anu says by the way you praise me a lot then Vibhu. Tiwari mocks him.
Teeka and Malkhan shouting and crying and brings Vibhu to Anu on cart. Anu gets scared says what happen to him. Teeka says he was watching movie and fainted. Tiwari ask what movie he was watching. Malkhan says he was watching My husband jewel thief then we saw him fainted. Anu says take him inside and ask Tiwari to call doctor.

Everyone inside house. Gupta checking up Vibhu. Tiwari says to Gupta tell what happen. Gupta says he is patient let me check. Angoori says don’t trouble Gupta let him do his work. Tiwari says I’m worried about Bhabhiji she want to go to party too. Anu says what are you do you think I’ll leave my husband and go for party. Malkhan walks to Vibhu says to Anu he is alive. Vibhu slaps him and wake up says Michael it’s not time to die I still got lot of days to live. Teeka says who is Michael. Vibhu slaps him says Jackson your disease of memory loss is nit fruitful for our business, don’t mess it up or else I’ll remove you from my gang. Anu says first of all thank god you got senses and what is with the tone. Vibhu calls her Ramkatori and says behave you are servant so act like that and respect your boss. Everyone shocked. Anu gets angry and says what is wrong with you. Tiwari shouts at Vibhu says how dare you call her servant. Vibhu says shutup Ghanshyam Das. Angoori ask from when did he became Ghanshyam Das. Vibhu says how are you Mona and why are you wearing saree, remove it. Tiwari shouts at Vibhu. Vibhu says to Ghanshyam Das I think you asked your daughter Mona to wear these clothes you did this on purpose to spoil my mood. Vibhu says to Mona to remove saree and wear Western clothes I prefer micromini skirt. Tiwari says to Anu what nonsense he is talking. Vibhu says if you called my talk as nonsense then I’ll make little pieces of your body like diamond and throw it in drainage system leaves after slapping Malkhan and Teeka.
Tiwari says to Anu what happen to him. Gupta says come with me outside I need to tell something. Everyone out Tiwari ask Gupta will you tell us the problem or will be reading your book. Gupta says I’m not reading this for entertainment I’m trying to find the cure. Angoori says to Tiwari control. Anu says to Gupta please just say something. Gupta ask Anu before this condition was he in stress. Anu says I was stressed because of Vibhu and we had general fight over work. Gupta says last time when you disrespected her. Tiwari try to answer but Gupta shuts him up and ask Anu. Anu says to Tiwari wait I’ll tell him and says to Gupta that Tiwari suggested so I decided to go alone in party so he got upset and I disrespected him on that but whta is the connection of all this to his condition. Gupta says there is a deep connection and ask Malkhan and Teeka what movie you all were watching. They say My Husband Jewel Thief. Gupta says it’s simple you disrespect Vibhu and today everything went top of his head because of that he went to see a B-Grade movie and he got inspired with the main character of movie and became jewel thief. Tiwari mocks him Vibhu. Angoori ask does this happen. Gupta says yes he is suffering from personality disorder and took jewel thief character. Teeka ask do you have nay cure. Gupta says unfortunately no but remember that he shouldn’t know that he is Vibhuti Narayan Mishra. Anu says what we need to tell him that he is Vibhu not jewel thief. Gupta says don’t do that or else he may go to coma or die that’s why I suggest do as he say. Anu says so I don’t want to loose him so everyone will help and shouts at Tiwari says it’s all because of you today Vibhu is in this condition.

Anu says to Vibhu don’t do what you are doing sto smuggling it’s not good business. Vibhu says don’t be scared just massage my legs. Anu says I come here to do household work.

Angoori dressed as Mona and dancing gor Vibhu in her garden

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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