Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Angoori finds the truth.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem asks Vibhu for Pendulum, and says my wife is back and keeps hitting me, i need it to control,Vibhu says fine how about drinks, Prem says no ways if Tiwari comes he will hit me again and why did he hit me, Vibhu says you tell me why didn’t you hit him back, Prem says i felt that too, Vibhu says you have to take Revenge i will call him, Prem says good idea you accompany me, Tiwari walks in, and starts hitting Prem. Tiwari bites Vibhu,Vibhu hypotises him again and says bad tommy you don’t bite your owner now go out and be a dog.

Angoori walks go Tiwari and asks how was dinner, Angoori asks why is that,you had dinner then why ask him, Tilu walks in,Tiwari greets him, Tilu insults him and says just give me salary then i shall go, Tiwari says first have some food, Angoori go get him paratha, Tiwari says and here is your 5000, Angoori sats what all is this i don’t understand, Tiwari says go ask Vibhu. Angoori says okay im going to fare with him, Tiwari says im very happy then.

Arnav walks in and asks for Laddoo, Arnav says here are his cheating papers, Angoori scolds him. Teeka and Malkan walk to Hapu and congratulate him and says because of you we are getting famous, Hapu says quite and slaps them, Gulfamkali walks in and asks for bracelet, Malkan says didn’t you see the news, hapu puts his gun forward, Gulfamkali asks Hapu what’s wrong with your eyes,Hapu says just a little mission and about Tiwari i did go to him and he requested for some time and by morning he shall give me, Gulfamkali says okay and leaves.

Vibhu says for first time im going out with bhabhi life is cool, Prem walks in and says i need pendulum asap, Vibhu says later,Prem says no that Tiwari will hit me,Vibhu says i will talk to him, Prem says okay you have Hypnotised him, Angoori hears them talk, Vibhuti says i didn’t ask him to hit you, prem says whatever i need that pendulum please, Vibhu calls Tiwari,prem says i hate you and will take my pendulum for sure and leaves.

Angoori with help of Gupta dehypnotises Tiwari, Angoori tells the whole story to Tiwari, Tilu walks in and asks for salary, Angoori says you gave him 5000 daily, Tiwari says is it, and winks at Angoori, Angoori gets a rod, Tiwari whacks tilu, Tiwari asks Angoori did he trouble her, Angoori says no, Hapu walks in and asks him to apologise, Tiwari apologize, Angoori tells Hypnotising story, Tiwari says let’s teach him a lesson but I need you two to be with me.

angoori in kitchen, Vibhu says i was waiting for you what are you doing here, Angoori says im making snacks for tiwari,he is important to me more than you, Vibhu says he has no importance for you, Angoori says please dont annoy,Vibhu says cmon,i will ask Tiwari he will do it,Angoori says he never does all this,Vibhu says he will and we will go out.

pre cap: Tiwari stabs Angoori,Vibhu rushes for help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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