Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update : Angoori Devi Hermitage.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amaji comes Tiwari house, Angoori greets her, Tiwari asks how come here without informing,Amaji asks why whats your problem,Tiwari asks what are you upto now, Amaji says pandit Rampal said there is some issues with you two,so you need to turn this house to Angoori Devi ashram and serve beggars, Tiwari says amaji but,Amaji says do as i say, and Tiwari says whenever i say wash,you have to wash the beggars feet and drink the water, Angoori says don’t worry i will make sure he does,Amaji asks Tiwari to go work.

Vibhu praising Angooris picture, Prem walks in, and asks whoes picture it was definitely not Anu, Vibhu says right bhabhiji, and Anu isnt here im missing her,Prem says dont worry i will get bottle and snacks in evening and we wilk have fun, what will you have, vibhu says

get biryani too, prem says yes i will bye.

Boys discussing about weddings and girls they talked too,a girl walks to teeka and hands him a letter,and leaves. Tilu and Malkan say its a blank paper, Teeka says i know, Malkan says but you love her,teeka says are you mad,her father hates us,Tilu says all is fair in love, and dont worry you have us we will talk for you, teeka says thank you so much.

prem and vibhu having fun,prem says its fun when wife leaves us alone, Vibhu says im missing her, her taunts,prem says you are a typical street dog,vibhu gets offended,bell rings, vibhu hides glasses, Gulfamkali enters, vibhu asks who invited you, Gulfamkali says my soul said me you are alone i shoulf serve you, Vibhu says im fine please leave. prem says serve your guest don’t insult, vibhu says if anu finds it, she will us both, vibhu gets call from Anu, Vibhu puts on speaker on prems demand, Vibhu says hello baby, im performing Pranayam, anu says interesting,Vibhu says im missing you baby, anu asks who all in house, vibhu says me yiur memories,anu says i hope that stupid prem isnt there stay away,vibhu says i know i wilp, prem punches him.

anu asks are you drunk,Vibhu says no im not, and did my baby have food, anu says yes and yes i miss you too. prem scolds Vibhu and says you woe me 5 lakhs and this what you and your wife think of me,vibhu says she hates your face and so does your wife hate me, and i was just trying to gel up, Gulfamkali says forget all that come lets have fun.

Tiwari says this isn’t any orphanage number stay away, Tiwari keeps getting weird calls, and gets angry, angoori walks to him and asks why is he so angry, tiwari says someone gave my number to newspaper and keeps calling, Angoori says i did,for angoori Devi ashram, Tiwari scolds her, Angoori says im doing this for your good. Tiwari says tell amaji im not interested in all this, Angoori says okay i will call amaji, Tiwari says okay we will do as Amaji says.

Gulfamkali performs for vibhu,Tiwari says i hear music from mishra house,tiwari sees that. Vibhu scolds Gulfamkali and asks her to stay away from him.Prem asks Gulfamkali to come close to him, vibhu asks Prem to stop all this, Gulfamkali says your wife isnt here still you are scared, vibhu says you don’t know my wife, prem says stop bejng so scared, Gulfamkali starts dancing and pulls vibhu, tiwari says this will now be informed to bhabhi ji.

pre cap Tiwari calls Anu and infroms about Gulfamkali. Anu reaches Mishra house and sees Gulfamkali and throws vibhu out of the house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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