Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita and vibhu at home. anita says that the landlord came for the down payment of 5 lakh rupees of our house and from where do I bring so much money in a short span of time? Vibhu says do something. Anita says you just keep saying do something and what will I do? You should have worked and you never did staying jobless all your life till now. I have decided we will leave this house. Vibhu says what? Why? We will not leave this house. Anita says yes? Then from where do I arrange so much money? Its because of you and we have to leave this house and go to that old house where your mom lives, she is so irritating. Vibhu thinks I cant leave anguri and I will miss her. Vibhu sleeps.
Next day in lawn anguri is singing and vibhu comes and says hello. Anguri says hello. Vibhu says bhabhij it seems soon I will bid my love farewell but which I cant let happen. Anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing anita is sad and we have to give a down payment of 5 lakh to the landlord. Tiwari comes and says you are not worth that and you should have earned at least some money but you are jobless. Vibhu sys please Tiwari don’t start in the morning. Tiwari says today I read in the paper there was a jobless and he had done insurance for his wife so after his death his wife got 1 crore rupees, at least do something after your death for Bhabhi ji. Vibhu thinks and goes home.
At hoem anita is speaking with meenal on phone and says I cant take money from dad and this time I have to shift to my old house. Vibhu comes and sits and says I will give money. Anita keeps phone and says you shut up. Vibhu says no baby, you will get 25 lakh rupees as I had done insurance but that we will get after I die. Anita says are you mad? For money I will let you die? I am not selfish and forget that. vibhu says no, I will fake it and we will get money. Anita says if they know we both will be in jail and I don’t want to go to jail. Vibhu says I know the insurance people I have been working with them for years and they are lazy, they don’t care for what happens, they don’t even know it. anita says do what you want.
Tiwari and anguri come home and say we were inviting you for a movie and lets go all. Vibhu says instead lest go for a picnic and we will all enjoy. Anita says yes and anguri and Tiwari say okay.
On the hills, Tiwari anguri and anita vibhu are there for a picnic. They all enjoy as Tiwari sing. Vibhu says shut up and you are annoying. Anguri and anita say he was singing very nice. Vibhu says leave that and Tiwari lets go to that point on that mountain near the river and it will be fun. Tiwari says yes lts go. Vibhu and Tiwari go. Tiwari comes back after looking and says anguri come on anita you too and that point is nice and a beautiful scenery is there, anguri says yes lets go. Suddenly there vibhu screams anuuu… as he falls down. All anita anguri and Tiwari scream no!!
At home entire town is there for vibhu’s death and his photo is put. Everyone is crying and wearing white clothes as anita wears designer saree and goggles. Suddenly an old man comes but it is vibhu disguised and he sits beside anita. happu singh gets up crying and says what happened? And vibhu dies, he was very arrogant as much as I know and jobless but he shouldn’t have died. Prem gets up and says vibhu was my best friend and he used to live on my money, anita looks at vibhu who is disguised. Prem says he took money from me whenever he wanted and till now he has a loan of 5 and half lakh rupees on me but he died without giving that. anita is shocked and vibhu looks down as anita looks at him.

Precap: gulfam kali says when vibhu came to our program it used to be lit and we had fun. Anita looks at vibhu angrily. Saxena says I miss vibhu as he used to satisfy me by hitting me a lot and no one satisfied me as much as vibhu did.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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