Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Francesco return for revenge

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

David says to Vibhu that my respect is deteriorating because of you, Boys rush to them and says we looted Prem here is video, Happu walks to them, Tilu says we will see that later, Teeka says yes it was fun, Vibhu and David leave, Happu scolds them, and takes them with him. Vibhu walks to Mishra house, he sees Tiwari, Tiwari says tell me what I have to do, Vibhu says you have to go to tree 2 and face east and tear 50₹ note, and bark and you will be responded by meow, Tiwari says but when I will bark I should receive bark, Vibhu says don’t tell me logic, Tiwari says what if police sees me, Vibhu says don’t worry they will think there are animals go.

Angoori asks Vibhu isn’t he shoot yet, Vibhu says not yet but I know one day will come and I will be shoot then I will lie in someone’s laps and breath my last, would you like to live that moment, think that this cushion is your lap and I am dying, Angoori says so emotional, Vibhu and Angoori imitate the scene, Angoori starts crying considering Vibhu as her son, Vibhu says to David let’s go. Tiwari arrives at tree 2, he barks no one replies, he tears 50₹ note and barks again no one replies, he tears note again, someone meows back, Tiwari gets excited and then sees a cat, and says this is real cat.

Anu shows everyone jewelleries she bought herself around 2.5 lakhs, Helan bangs her head, Vibhu says to David didn’t you tell Anu that our ship has sunk, Anu acts cute and says can’t you do for your love, Vibhu talk in his own language and says I can’t manage this I can’t afford this, all this was just an act to gain respect, Anu says I knew it, have you seen yourself from which angle do you look like a don, can’t kill a cockroach and wants to stab someone and mom Italy really, Helan says Anu don’t insult this way, Anu says these necklaces are fake, Vibhu says I’m sorry.

Francesco says Vitto come out, Tiwari and Angoori asks who are you, Angoori says you speak so good Hindi, he says I’m born brought up in India then shifted to Italy, Francesco asks Vibhu do you remember Gabriel, Vibhu says no, Francesco says he was my son whom you killed, and now I won’t leave you and take revenge, Vibhu says I’m no Vitto, Anu walks to them says he is my husband Vibhu he never went Italy, Francesco says he has agreed he is Vitto, Anu says he did all this to gain respect it was all an act. Tiwari says I knew he is lying, and don leave him or else bhabhijis life will be ruined, Don asks Tiwari to shut up, Don about to shoot, commissioner and Happu arrive there and arrest Francesco.

Happu says we have to thank Vibhu because of his stupidness we caught don Francesco. commissioner says to Vibhu that we are proud of you, all applaud for Vibhu.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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